13 Christmas gifts under £20 – stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gift ideas

13 Christmas gifts under £20 – stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gift ideas


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Whether you’ve got a strict Secret Santa limit or you’ve put yourself on a strict budget this Christmas – either way, £20 is plenty to put towards a gift present the recipient will love.

Shopping for Christmas presents can be hard when you’re not sure what direction to go in, but luckily having £20 to spend actually makes things a lot easier, because it gives you a more limited range to sift through.

We’ve collated the 13 best gifts under £20 for everyone in your life: mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your child’s favourite teacher – so keep scrolling to see the full gift guide.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky, £20

Whisky does tend to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum when alcohol shopping – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a decent one on a budget.

This 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky from Chivas Regal has a sweet and smooth taste with distinct notes of honey, vanilla and apple that make it just as tasty on the rocks as it is in a cocktail.

Shop on Amazon here.

Hotel Chocolat Milk To White Chocolate Baton Library Chocolate Box, £16

Hotel Chocolat is so luxurious and fancy that not many people are indulgent enough to buy it for themselves – which is part of the reason it makes such an excellent gift.

This box comes filled with 45 thin chocolate batons in milk, caramel milk, and white – guaranteeing people with a major sweet tooth will enjoy this gift.

Shop on Amazon here.

Bru Reusable Coffee Cup, £16.99

Shop on Amazon here.

Many of us have environmentally-focused goals on our New Year’s resolution list, so help the person you’re shopping for get ahead this Christmas by buying them this eco-friendly reusable coffee cup for their morning brew.

Shop on Amazon here.

Snuggaroo Mens Soft Fleece Pyjamas, £18

Fresh, warm, cosy pyjamas are a pretty safe bet as a Christmas gift – what’s not to love? These PJs would make an excellent gift for your dad, boyfriend, brother, or any other of your favourite guys this festive season.

Shop on Amazon here.

Furry Warmers Fully Microwavable Furry Slippers, £18.86

Microwaveable slippers are the kind of product that you’d never really think to buy for yourself, but then after you own some wonder how you ever lived without them.

These slippers from Furry Warmers are filled with 100 percent natural grain inside a luxuriously soft and fully microwaveable fabric that will keep you warm during what is proving to be a very chilly winter. Bonus points if the person you’re buying for works on their feet all day, as these will soothe aching feet.

Shop on Amazon here.

300ML Essential Oil Diffuser, £18.99

Essential oil diffusers are powerful tools for relaxing, easing anxiety, and falling asleep. These compact essential oil diffusers come in at just under £20 and work at a low noise level while doubling as a humidifier.

Shop on Amazon here.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker, £19.98

Make shower time an even more pleasurable experience with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has been specifically designed to stick to the walls of the bathroom.

When fully charged, the speaker delivers about six hours of playtime – which should be more than enough for a few weeks worth of showers.

Shop on Amazon here.

CityComfort Women’s Pyjama Set, £16.99

Perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of a cosy night in during winter, these fleece pyjamas will take the term ‘home comforts’ to a whole new level.

Shop on Amazon here.

Canyero Salted Caramel Rum, £19.99

Salted caramel is a decadently festive flavour, making this rum a no-brainer for Christmas gifting.

Made using a blend of Caribbean rums selected by master rum distillers, this tipple perfectly blends salty and sweet with subtle notes of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Shop on Firebox here. 

Best Teacher Luxury Candle, £15.99

Trying to find a gift for under £20 that shows how much you appreciated all your kids teachers hard work this year? Look no further than this divine Sparkling Rosé and Pomelo.

Housed in a stylish ‘Best Teacher’ emblazoned pink holder, this candle will fill the room with notes of pink fizz, watermelon, sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange and pink pomelo.

Shop on Not on The High Street Here. 

Latme Ice Roller, £11.95

One downside to all the booze-fuelled late nights in the lead up to Christmas is the toll it takes on your skin. There’s only so many times you can wake up to puffy, lacklustre skin before action needs to be taken.

This ice roller from Latme is a budget-friendly alternative to the TikTok famous tool that went viral earlier this year for its ability to soothe and de-puff irritated skin, making it perfect for a post-festive season refresh.

Shop on Amazon here.

The White Company Winter Signature Candle, £20

While buying bedding from The White Company with a £20 budget isn’t going to happen, you can buy a luxe candle.

A combination of spicy cinnamon, rich warming clove and fresh zesty orange, this candle is often described by its fans as ‘the scent of Christmas.’

Shop on The White Company here.

Spacemasks Spacemask, £15

All the alcohol and stress of December can lead to many a sleepless night – but to keep the good times rolling into January you need to be well-rested.

These face masks for Spacemasks are self-heating and promote relaxation with an infusion of jasmine. They not only help you unwind but can also provide relief from headaches and eye strain, with each box coming with five gentle masks to help you through those sleepless nights.

Shop on Cult Beauty here.

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