10 Simple Food Ideas That Made People Millionaires

10 Simple Food Ideas That Made People Millionaires


Everyone had at least an insight that is worth millions. However, not everyone believed in their ideas – or because it was too simple or too complicated or too unusual. However, there are those people who can recognize a product is worth millions and that is the first step to make it happen.

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A creative product can be created by accident, due to market demand or just because a person wants to share a family recipe with the world. There is something in common on all the names on this list: they all built on empire thanks to simple food ideas.

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10 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most popular snacks in America. However, few people know that it was created by mistake. Ruth Graves owned the Toll House Inn, a place that was famous for the delicious desserts prepared by Graves.

One day, she was preparing cookies and realized there was no baker’s chocolate. She chopped a chocolate bar and was disappointed to notice that it did not blend with the dough. Graves was surprised when she saw that her guests loved it. It became more and more popular. According to Business Insider, she sold the recipe for Nestle and became a recipe consultant for the company.

9 Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the most remarkable food franchises from the US and the brand is evaluated on $8.5 billion.

KFC was created by Col. Sanders, who started selling traditional Southern dishes in a service station. In 1939 he added a chicken prepared with 11 herbs and spices. In 1952 he started selling the Kentucky Fried Chicken for restaurants and years later when he was already 60 years old, he decided to make it a franchise. When Sanders had more than 600 restaurants, he sold the rights for $2 million and received an annual salary for his image, according to Entrepreneur.

8 Ice Cream Cones

Creating an edible cone to put ice cream sounds brilliant and simple at the same time. According to Time, the idea came when an ice cream vendor was without dishes to serve his products. The guy next to him, Ernest A. Hamwi, suggested shaping the waffles as a cone and put the ice cream on it.

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The idea was a success and changed Hamwi’s life. Years later he founded a company called Western Cone Company, specialized in producing ice cream cones. The idea became very popular and now we can find cones made of different ingredients.

7 Sunlife Organics

Khalil Rafati was in rehab when he became obsessed with health food. He started to combine different ingredients to make juices and smoothies. He used to prepare them using banana, maca powder, royal jelly, and pollen. He began to sell it for neighbors and not long later he created the Sunlife Organics, a shop specialized on juices.

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Rafati made $1 million in the first year, according to BBC. He made the headlines, wrote a biography and now he is planning to expand the brand to other countries. Rafati, who was once homeless, now travels the world in a private jet.

6 Seoul Taco

The idea of combining Mexican and Korean food sounds weird. David Choi started to prepare Korean food and serving it on a taco for his family. His relatives approved it and he decided to open a food truck to sell his tacos. Choi now has five restaurants in Illinois and Missouri. The brand was worth nearly $5 million in 2016.

“I started Seoul Taco at the peak of the recession because I didn’t want to work three minimum wage jobs 100 hours a week”, he told Entrepreneur. “I sold my car, cashed out my bank account and found someone selling a food truck in Philadelphia for $40,000.”

5 Pancake in a can

Pancake is probably the most popular food in an American breakfast. Sean O’Connor used to make it for his wife and children. He thought it would be a great idea if pancakes came in a can and people only had to fry it. Probably he was not the first to have the idea, but he was the first to believe in its commercial potential. O’Connor created Batter Blaster, that was a huge success.

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In 2008, the company had a $15 million revenue according to CNN. It is possible to find Batter Blaster in any supermarket for less than $5.

4 The Family cake recipe

Almost every family has a unique recipe that is passed from generation to generation. However, Kim Nelson believed that her family cake was so good that it should not be limited to family events.

When she decided to open Daisy Cakes, she already knew how much she would have to work. Nelson used to have a cooking school and also had a restaurant. Both demanded a lot of time.

Daisy Cake took off after Nelson entered the Shark Tank. She got so many new customers that the website crashed and the company is worth millions today.

3 Beyond Meat

According to NPD Group, Americans ate 13 billion burgers in 2019. However, Ethan Brown, a food entrepreneur decided to offer to Americans what he defines as “ alternative meat”. And they loved it.

“We are not telling people not to eat meat, I think that would be a massive mistake,’’ he told Entrepreneur. “We’re simply suggesting that they have a new type of meat, just plant-based.”

Beyond Burger presents itself as the “ first plant-based burger in the world.” It is now a $500 million brand according to Vegan News and they have a growing market to expand.

2 Organic Baby Food

When Cat Gazzoli was pregnant for the first time, in 2014, she started to research about baby food available on the market. She was unsatisfied with the lack of options and she couldn’t find anything that she wanted to give to her daughter.

“I wanted to create tasty, real, and honest food which made it easier for busy parents to encourage a lifetime of balanced, healthy eating in their children from a young age,” she told the Mirror.

Gazzoli created Piccolo, a brand that uses 100 percent of organic food and also wants to make a social impact. The company makes around $6 million every year.

1 Popsicles

Popsicles were a millionaire idea. Unfortunately, the money didn’t go to its creator. Frank Epperson was 11 years old when he mixed soda power with lemonade, according to NPR. He left it in the fridge during the night and in the morning, he noticed that he forgot the stirrer on it.

Epperson started selling his popsicles for neighbors. But just after his 20s, he began selling popsicles in an amusement park. He patented the product and sold the rights to Joe Lowe Co. The company made a fortune with it and Epperson said that it was the greatest regret of his life.

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