​Influencer accidentally flashes sex toy collection behind her in big blunder

​Influencer accidentally flashes sex toy collection behind her in big blunder


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An influencer was left blushing after accidentally showcasing her sex toy collection on social media.

Kate Merlan tried to tell followers about her cold on her Instagram Stories.

But she failed to notice three colourful vibrators lying on the table in the background of the shot.

The 34-year-old, from Germany, didn’t respond to the awkward moment after posting the video with her 72,000 followers.

Many commenters couldn’t resist talking about the blunder though.

Some of them were very supportive, with one writing: “So what? It's not a crime today if she enjoys it… The most important thing is to have enough batteries."

Others were skeptical if the sight was an honest mistake though.

A critic pointed out that it was a great way to make headlines around the world.

They accused: “This is not a mistake, now she's back in the game."

Either way, it’s an important reminder to always check your background before snapping photos or videos for social media!

A similar error happened to influencer Lauren Faulkner last year.

The YouTuber, who runs a channel called Trans Life and Wife with her transgender boyfriend Charlie Allan, left a sex toy “out to dry” in the background of her clip.

She saw the funny side though.

Shaking with laughter, she said: "Guys I just want to apologise if you're watching my Insta stories and you thought, 'Oh that video got cut short, why did she not explain that thing to me?'"

"I had to delete some of those videos because I put my phone up to the mirror to kind of like show my hair and I didn't realise that in the background of the videos is the attachment that me and Charlie use.

"And I'm watching these videos like, 'haha it looks like there's a d**k in the background' – it was.

"It was just left in here to dry because we gave it a clean the other day."

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