Win a £100 wilko gift card with your best wild bird photo

Win a £100 wilko gift card with your best wild bird photo


Winter is a tough time for wild birds – with trees bare of berries and the ground too hard to peck for grubs, survival can be tricky.

But that’s where you come in! Whether you have a garden or just a balcony, you can help – and the UK’s go-to home and garden retailer makes doing so super-simple.

Providing birds with some additional high-energy nutritious food can make all the difference in giving them some much-needed support. At wilko, there’s an extensive range of bird seed, feed and fat balls to help them out, as well as a variety of good value, easy-to-maintain bird feeders designed especially with our feathered friends in mind.

You could even go the extra mile and shelter our feathered friends from the elements with a nesting box. To celebrate all the wild birds you’re sure to have flocking to your garden, wilko is inviting you to share your best wild bird photos in its annual competition.

The 12 winning photographers will have their pictures printed in its 2021 Wild Bird Calendar and receive a £100 gift card to spend at wilko.

All you need is a camera, a keen eye and a flying visit from one of your favourite wild birds to be in with a chance of winning. Birds can be timid, so you’ll need to be patient, but build up trust by sharing plenty of treats and you could soon be rewarded with the perfect shot.


The wilko wild bird competition runs from January 26 to March 29 2020. Your photo must be taken in a garden or other outdoor setting and, of course, needs to be your own work.

To enter, send it to, along with your full name and contact details. For terms and conditions, visit


1. A hanging feeder containing seeds or fat balls will be loved by the likes of sparrows, finches and tits.

2. A peanut feeder will please starlings, woodpeckers and chaffinches.

3. A bird table, whether freestanding or hung from a tree, will attract finches, nuthatches and parakeets.

4. Food scattered on the ground will be enjoyed by thrushes, blackbirds and collared doves.

5. High-energy dried mealworms or suet pellets studded with tasty insects are suitable for feeders, tables and ground feeding.

6. And don’t forget to provide fresh water! Ponds, puddles and other water sources may freeze over, making them inaccessible to birds.


There are lots of great wild bird products available at your local wilko store and online here at to get you started, several of which we’ve featured below. For advice about giving birds a helping hand all year round, follow wilko on Twitter and Instagram @LoveWilko and on Facebook at

Peckish Food – such as Peckish Wild Bird Winter Warmer Seed Mix 1.7kg – £3.75

Wild bird seed – such as Wilko Wild Bird Seed Mix 5kg – £4

Ready-filled feeders – such as Peckish Wild Bird Complete Seed Mix and Feeder 400g – £4

Dried mealworm – such as Wilko Wild Bird Dried Mealworms 500g – (Was £5, now £4)


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