‘Will be offended by the smell’: ‘Easiest way’ to deter foxes in gardens using 70p spice

‘Will be offended by the smell’: ‘Easiest way’ to deter foxes in gardens using 70p spice


Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

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Although related to dogs, foxes are wild animals and can be found all over the world. The red fox is the most common and is often seen in cities and the countryside alike. They can be susceptible to digging up gardens, overturning bins, and preying on animals as they scavenge for food. And some, unfortunately, are rabid, which can put you and your pets at risk.

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Gardeners who prefer to keep your plot fox-free, these tips on how to get rid of foxes are sure to come in handy.

Samantha Jones, gardening expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk explained: “Foxes have a very strong sense of smell, which is beneficial to them in some ways.”

They tend to leave their scent in areas to mark their territory. 

However, gardeners can use foxes’ sensitivity to smell to their advantage, according to pest control experts at Fantastic Pest Control.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “As you now know, foxes have a strong sense of smell and you can use this to your advantage by learning what smells foxes hate. 

“Mixing chilli pepper and garlic in boiling water and spraying the solution around your garden is the easiest way to deter foxes from entering your garden, as they will be offended by the smell.”

What is particularly frightening for a fox is the pepper’s main ingredient, capsaicin. 

This primary, active ingredient gives peppers its characteristic of being hot and spicy, with a burning sensation afterward. 

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This is especially so for animals with a heightened sense of taste and smell, such as these furry pests in red.

Chilli pepper retails for only 70p at Asda and 85p at Sainsbury’s.

It’s best to test any homemade sprays out on a small area first, whether you’re using it on plants or patios, to ensure it doesn’t cause damage.

Clearing up your garden can be helpful for deterring all kinds of pests, like foxes.

Pol Bishop, a gardening expert at Fantastic Gardeners advised: “Trim the hedges, cut the grass and keep everything in order.”

Foxes like shaded, sheltered areas that they can use to hide in, so the less, the better.

The expert added: “Remove any rubbish from the garden and generally keep it tidy.”

Leaving bread and seeds for birds may also attract foxes as they typically search for scraps in nearby gardens, according to Samantha.

She suggested: “You should either stop leaving food altogether or clear up any leftovers once the birds have stopped eating them.”

The gardening pro also noted that installing a fence is an “effective” deterrent for foxes.

Samantha explained: “One of the most effective ways to deter foxes from your garden is to install secure fencing.

“When installing a fence, you need to make sure there are no spaces as foxes typically take advantage of small gaps and may also dig to gain access to entry and exit points.

“To prevent foxes from digging, you should add a layer or two of concrete onto the ground before installing fencing or walls.”

The majority of foxes can jump up to three feet high, so gardeners may want to consider installing taller fencing and gates that are higher than three feet.

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