When to plant pumpkins: June is ‘your last time’ to sow pumpkin seeds in time for October

When to plant pumpkins: June is ‘your last time’ to sow pumpkin seeds in time for October


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Pumpkins are synonymous with the autumn season and Halloween, with demand for the vegetables soaring in October. If you are planning on harvesting your own crop this year, you might want to act with haste.

According to experts from Gardening Know How: “Early June is your last time to sow pumpkins, to provide them with plenty of warm days to develop size and good flavour.”

With the month speeding ahead, gardeners have just a few days left to sow and plant their pumpkins in time for a decent seasonal harvest.

Typically pumpkin seeds can be sown between March and June.

Young plants can be planted outside between May and June when the weather is milder and the risk of frost has passed.

Depending on when they were sown, pumpkins can be harvested anywhere from June to the end of October.

How to sow pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds should spend the beginning of their growing time indoors, before being planted outside once the plants have matured a little.

Soak seeds in water overnight to speed up germination.

Seeds should be sown in 8cm pots filled with peat-free compost.

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They are best placed on their sides to stop water pooling and causing rotting.

Make sure to water your pumpkin seeds well and ensure they have plenty of light.

As your seedlings grow, you can eliminate any weaker ones to give stronger shoots more room.

How to plant pumpkins outside

Young plants can be moved into larger pots or directly into their final growing place outside once the risk of frost has passed.

A sunny and sheltered spot is best for healthy pumpkins.

Make sure to use lots of compost or well-rotted manure when planting out your pumpkins, and plant them at least 90cm apart.

Gardening Know How recommends inserting a bamboo cane next to each plant “so you will always be able to find its centre for watering”.

Pumpkins require regular watering, especially during dry spells.

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