‘Use an eggcup’: Orchid care expert shares ‘two different ways’ to water orchids

‘Use an eggcup’: Orchid care expert shares ‘two different ways’ to water orchids


Orchids: Expert shares tips for looking after plant

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Orchids are beautiful and temperamental plants that require exacting conditions in order for them to thrive. Despite being popular, some plant owners often struggle with the orchid’s watering schedule due to its specific potting media. Unlike other plants, orchids are very free-draining which means they don’t like to sit in water or being overwatered.

This can cause problems for inexperienced houseplant owners.

Luckily, M&S Flower expert Simon Richards has shared “two different techniques” to water orchids.

Simon explained in a video for M&S exactly how to get the “very best” out of orchid plants.

First, he explained why an orchid’s potting media is so different to other plants.

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He said: “Composts, or orchid bark as it’s called, is literally just pieces of wooden bark.

“It emulates the very free-draining sort of environment orchids grow naturally in the wild.

“When you come to water them, there’s two different ways to do it.”

Simon said orchid owners can either water the plant “little and often” or “once a fortnight”.

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He explained: “If you want to do it little and often it’s literally just an egg cup full of water just dropped straight into the centre of the container once a week.

“Something I prefer to do. I’ll take the orchid out of the container, probably once a fortnight, stand it in the sink and literally fill the sink up with water.

“Water should be tepid. Orchids don’t like anything too cold.

“Get the compost really saturated and then lift it out of the water.

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“Put it on the drainer and now let all that excess water drain away.”

In the winter, orchids need watering around once a week.

When the weather turns warm and dry, this can increase to twice a week.

An orchid’s container will also determine how often the plant needs watering.

A six-inch pot needs to be watered every seven days.

Meanwhile, a four-inch pot needs water every five or six days.

If the plant’s roots are grey or white, they are not getting enough water.

Brown or soggy roots mean the orchid is receiving too much water.

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