Three ‘simple steps’ to protect the lawn through a drought – ‘avoid’ issues in autumn

Three ‘simple steps’ to protect the lawn through a drought – ‘avoid’ issues in autumn


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With a hosepipe ban announced for some areas of the UK, it can be hard to know how to prepare the lawn. Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn has shared his “simple steps” gardeners should take to save their lawns from the warm weather, without breaking any rules.

In extended periods of summer drought, grass can turn brown and patchy.

It may also stop growing.

Although it usually repairs itself when the rain returns, Carlos recommended taking steps to protect it.

The lawn expert said: “Following record-breaking temperatures and with warm weather on the way, your lawn will certainly be feeling the heat. 

“Luckily, if your grass turns brown and stops growing, often it looks worse than it is and it will recover rapidly once rainfall resumes.

“It would only take a very severe drought to kill off your lawn completely.

“That being said, there are three things you can do to prepare your lawn for a drought: preserve moisture, prevent evaporation, and limit damage.”

Avoid over fertilising

Applying fertiliser to the lawn helps encourage it to grow, which will require more water and nutrients.

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Carlos said fertiliser can burn the lawn in warm weather if it isn’t properly watered.

He added: “It’s best to save the feed and fertiliser until the drought has disappeared.”

Mulch and mow

Gardeners have been warned not to mow too low when they next go to cut their lawn.

The lawn expert explained: “Mowing it too short encourages extra growth and it will require more water and nutrients that it simply won’t get in a drought. 

“As the drought descends, you might find your lawn doesn’t require a mow for a good few weeks; just play it by ear and use your initiative.”

Weed your way

Weeds in the garden soak up the water and nutrients from the soil.

This means they take them away from the grass when it is needed most.

Carlos recommended pulling weeds out by the root as soon as they are spotted.

Keep traffic to a minimum

The lawn expert continued: “Although foot traffic won’t cause immediate damage to the lawn, it can cause issues further down the line by compacting your lawn’s surface, so it’s best to avoid heavy foot traffic on your lawn during a drought.

“With that all being said, there’s only so much you can do in a drought with a water ban. 

“As long as you follow these simple steps, your lawn should be able to survive. 

“Autumn is the time to repair your lawn from a long, hot summer anyway.”

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