This Best-Selling Mop Has a Special Feature That Makes Cleaning Floors So Easy


Mopping the floors is about to get so much easier. Instead of scrubbing with a soapy sponge that gets grimey fast or constantly replacing disposable pads, you can clean your floors using just water and this microfiber mop.

The O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System from Walmart is a simple but effective cleaning essential. The mop itself is made of soft, absorbent microfiber strings that remove dirt, grime, and over 99 percent of bacteria with water (no soap necessary). This is because the microfibers are tiny enough to pick up dust and debris, so they can remove germs without harsh chemicals.

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The best part? When the mop head itself needs to be cleaned, all you have to do is detach it and toss it right in the washing machine. It’s designed to last for about ten washes before you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Along with its microfiber material, the mop head has another special feature that differentiates it from other floor cleaners. Its triangular shape and ability to pivot allows you to effortlessly clean tight corners and hard-to-reach places. The lightweight mop also comes with a bucket and a wringer that’s operated with a foot pedal, so you don’t even need to bend down to manually wring it out. 

A Walmart best-seller, the handy mop has racked up more than 1,700 five-star reviews from shoppers who say it’s effective, easy to use, and even makes this often-dreaded chore more fun. 

So whether you’re looking to cut out chemicals from your cleaning routine or are tired of bending down to operate more traditional floor cleaners, this under-$30 microfiber mop is a great option. 

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