Spoilers: Robbo is attacked by a mysterious figure in Home and Away

Spoilers: Robbo is attacked by a mysterious figure in Home and Away


Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) have been reunited after a traumatic abduction which saw Jasmine held hostage by Des (Matt Zeremes), Fitz (Nathan Sapsford) and Lenny (Joseph Del Re). After days of desperately searching for clues, just missing her after tracking her to a nearby abandoned warehouse and finally getting intel on her location from an injured Lenny at the hospital, the pair are back together.

Jasmine insists on giving information at the police station, but almost collapses with exhaustion. She is taken to the hospital, where Alex (Zoe Ventoura) advises that she needs complete rest. Willow (Sarah Roberts) arrives and is relieved to see her friend safe. The pair catch up while Robbo calls Lance (Angus McLaren).

When Robbo is done with his call, he heads back to Jasmine’s room but overhears the two women in conversation. Jasmine reveals how the kidnapping ordeal left her terrified and worn down. Now she wants to get as far away from the criminals as possible – it’s the only way she will feel safe.

Robbo joins her in the room, and asks her if this is what she really wants. Jasmine says that, during her darkest moments, she hoped that the kidnappers would dispose of her body where it could never be found, so that at least Robbo would never have to go through the horror of seeing his murdered family for a second time.

A stunned Robbo realises the damage and pain the kidnapping has caused his wife, and makes a decision. He tells Colby (Tim Franklin) that he plans to leave the country with Jasmine, and Colby agrees that it’s a smart move. The two men say goodbye, aware that this could be the last time they ever see each other.

Robbo has one last visit to make before he leaves Australia. He goes to the grave of his old family and apologises for being away for so long. He speaks from the heart, saying he loves them – but is interrupted mid sentence by a blow to the head, which knocks him to the ground. Lying unconscious, a mysterious shadow passes over him. What’s going to happen to Robbo now?

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