Spoilers: Marilyn tells Roo her marriage is over in Home and Away

Spoilers: Marilyn tells Roo her marriage is over in Home and Away


Marilyn (Emily Symons) and John (Shane Withington)  have been struggling since the Paratas arrived in town, as John hasn’t been able to understand why Marilyn has so much compassion for the newcomers. He has been upset by Marilyn inviting them to stay at their house, and harbours suspicions that his wife has feelings for Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

When John sees Ari leave his caravan in the morning with a woman at his side, he races off to the Diner to tell Marilyn. But Marilyn is less than impressed, accusing him of being a petty gossip and trying to stir up trouble. 

She asks him if he thought she’d be jealous of Ari’s new lady friend and is clearly unhappy with her partner’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Nik (Kawakawa Fox-Reo)  overhears the conversation and tells Gemma (Bree Peters) he’s worried the family will be run out of town for causing trouble again.

However, Gemma is working at the Diner later when she overhears Marilyn talking to Roo (Georgie Parker) about the latest development with John. She tells Roo that she thinks her marriage to John might be over, and Gemma realises Ari could be playing a part in a couple breaking up.

She goes directly to Ari and tells him he needs to stop making himself the subject of town gossip. But when she reminds him of their promise to keep a low profile, Ari fights back and says he’ll see whoever he wants to…

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