Spoilers: Mac drunkenly reveals Dean’s secrets to Ziggy in Home and Away

Spoilers: Mac drunkenly reveals Dean’s secrets to Ziggy in Home and Away


Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has been struggling to deal with seeing Colby (Tim Franklin) around the Bay and has turned to drinking in Salt each night to cope with her emotions. Meanwhile, her brother is also not doing too well in the relationship department – Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is worried that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is about to leave him for her dream career.

Ziggy returns to the farm house, having enjoyed the trial and saying she’s hopeful about being offered a permanent job. She’s worried about how Dean has been, and Ben (Rohan Nichol) suggests she go and ask him herself.

Dean covers up his mood when Ziggy finds him, and she avoids his fake-enthusiastic questions, luring him into his caravan instead. Later on, though, her mood sours when she gets a call in Salt from Kurt to tell her that she hasn’t got the job.

Mackenzie has been drinking heavily at the bar to deal with seeing Colby in Salt over the course of the evening, and she drunkenly watches Dean pretend to feel bad for Ziggy when she tells him the news about the job.

Unable to control herself, Mac calls Dean out for lying, saying he’s blatantly thrilled that Ziggy will be staying in the Bay after all. Ziggy angrily confronts him, asking if Mac is telling the truth, and Dean can’t deny it.

Ziggy storms off, and Dean follows her back home, admitting he didn’t want her to get the job. How will Ziggy react, knowing that her boyfriend is essentially saying he isn’t supportive of her going after her dream?

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