Spoilers: Life changing news for Dean and Ziggy in Home and Away

Spoilers: Life changing news for Dean and Ziggy in Home and Away


Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) have been entertaining Dean’s mum, Karen (Georgia Adamson), after her surprise arrival in the Bay. When she plans to leave and go to look for work in nearby Reefton Lakes, she makes a throwaway comment about Ziggy being approved for bearing future grandchildren which leaves Dean rattled.

When the couple head out for a surf, Dean is quieter than usual. Ziggy suspects he is simply upset about his mum suddenly leaving, and reminds him she’s not too far to visit. Besides, now she knows that his mum would be happy for both of them to visit, as she’s received the seal of approval for kids!

Dean reacts to her comment by ducking out of the conversation and heading over to Ryder (Lukas Radovich), pretending he owes him a surf lesson. Ziggy is left troubled by his strange behaviour. Later on, Ziggy invites Dean to join her as she has lunch with her parents, but he ducks out again.

Later, Ziggy confronts him – but he shuts down. At work, Dean makes enough strange remarks to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) while he’s got grandchildren on his mind that she sends him home to sort his life out. Realising he needs to explain himself, he goes and apologises to Ziggy.

Dean explains that his mum’s comment about grandchildren bothered him, because he doesn’t want to have kids. Ziggy is stunned by the news, and asks why he’s so against it. Dean explains it’s because of his mums’ schizoaffective disorder, which is genetic. He doesn’t want to risk passing it on.

Ziggy tries to reason with him, but he won’t budge. In fact, he tells Ziggy that if she wants kids, she should walk away from him now…

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