Spoilers: Karen gets violent with John in Home and Away

Spoilers: Karen gets violent with John in Home and Away


Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mum, Karen (Georgia Adamson), has recently been discharged from the mental health facility, and she’s trying to settle into a life and routine in the Bay so she can be near her son. After overcoming the hurdle of discovering Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is Rick Booth’s (Mark Lee) daughter, she’s managed to bag a trial at Salt.

Karen is nervous on the day of her trial, and is disappointed when she finds out Dean won’t be on shift at the same time. It doesn’t take long for her to feel overwhelmed with the ordering system, as she isn’t used to using high-tech options to send orders to the kitchen.

Her self confidence starts to suffer after she mixes up an order, and Mac steps in to take over. When Mac tells Karen to take out the garbage, Karen watches Dean with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), and starts to feel even more distant from her son and his clearly happy, settled life.

She then starts to feel unwell from the side effects of her medication, but is too scared to tell Mac she needs time out, so tries to plough through. When she makes another mistake by spilling some food on John (Shane Withington), he ends up making a huge fuss. Completely overwhelmed, Karen snaps and dumps a drink on his head!

Dean is appalled at his mother’s behaviour, and as he scolds her, she collapses. When Karen comes around, Dean is anything but sympathetic, saying that she was putting it on for attention. Despite insisting that’s not what happened, Dean doesn’t believe her, so she storms out.

Later on, Dean is confronted by Ziggy, who has been speaking to Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura). The two women tell him that Karen’s medication does come with serious side effects, and explains that fainting could well happen as a result of her stress levels. Dean soon realises he’s made a terrible mistake…

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