Plants which ‘must’ be pruned before the end of August or risk killing them

Plants which ‘must’ be pruned before the end of August or risk killing them


Carol Klein explains the importance of judicious pruning

Dani Turner, customer experience director at online florist Bunches, said: “It can be just as important to prune certain plants in summer as it is in winter, as summer pruning can encourage future flowering and bigger crops from fruit trees and bushes, as well as control growth.

“For other plants, such as climbers, shrubs and rambling roses, summer pruning helps to keep them within bounds and maintain their shape.

“August is the best month for pruning as most plants can be pruned after they have flowered and when the growth of most plants starts to slow.

“For example, wisteria and climbing plants such as pyracantha must be pruned with secateurs by cutting back new shoots that are in crowded areas.”

Britons should make sure to leave fix or six shoots, making the cut just before the leaf.

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Herbs and lavenders can also be given a light prune just after flowering, which will fall towards the end of the month.

Dani explained: “To do so, remove shoots and any stalks that have withered after bloom to within one inch of the previous year’s growth.

“But, be careful not to prune into the woody stems of the plant.

“Different plants require different pruning methods so it’s important to check what your plant needs, as well as when it is best pruned.”

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Left to its own devices, lavender can become bushy and leggy. Pruning annually can help to keep its shape and stop it from becoming too big.

If your lavender is old and still looks leggy after pruning it, it could be time for a new plant.

According to the expert, pruning in the wrong season can be “detrimental” to the plant’s overall well-being.

Shrubs and plants which flower from mid to late summer such as hydrangeas and begonias shouldn’t be pruned in August because they will still be in full bloom.

Instead, Britons should wait until late winter or spring to get the secateurs out to avoid killing the shrub.

The expert added: “It’s also important to not prune during a heatwave as pruning signals the plant to grow, which uses water and energy, which need to be preserved in the hot temperatures.”

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