‘Non-chemical’ homemade weedkiller banishes weeds from patios & paving

‘Non-chemical’ homemade weedkiller banishes weeds from patios & paving


Gardening tips: Four homemade hacks to kill garden weeds

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Weeds, moss and unwanted vegetation often grow on paving, patios and driveways creating an unsightly mess. Weeds, in particular, can be difficult to remove by hand as it’s not always possible to dig out the underlying root. The most common weeds on paving and patios are dandelions, annual meadow grass and creeping buttercups which will have landed in the area as seeds.

If you’re looking for a solution for banishing problem weeds and slippery moss on hard surfaces like patios, paving, driveways and paths, Jack Sutcliffe the co-founder of Power Sheds has exclusively shared his advice.


Prevention is easier than eradication but this requires some planning ahead.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent weeds and moss from taking hold. Sweeping your patio and paving regularly, for example, can help prevent debris from building up.

Chemical clean up

Chemical treatments, like herbicides, are often a popular option as they remove moss and weeds quickly from paving and gravel.

However, some herbicides can be harmful to other plants and animals so it’s worth reading the instructions carefully.

Usually, you have to mix the herbicide with water and then spray it directly onto the weeds or moss. Make sure to avoid spraying any other plants or grass in the area as this could kill them.

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After the herbicide has been applied, it should take a few days for the weeds or moss to die off.

Non-chemical clean up

Jack said: “Non-chemical methods include pulling up weeds by hand or making your own weed killer with a mixture of white vinegar, salt, and washing up liquid.

“Mix equal parts in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the weeds and moss.

“Another quick and easy method is to pour boiling water to help kill small, young, or weak weeds.”

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Pressure washing

Pressure washing is “one of the fastest ways” to remove moss from concrete surfaces, according to Jack.

However, this is best done when the soil is dry as the pressure of the water can then help to loosen the roots.

To achieve the best results, before pressure washing the area apply a moss remover.

Weed barrier

To stop weeds and moss from returning, gardeners lay down a weed barrier before installing new paving or patio surfaces.

The physical barrier will block sunlight and prevent weed seeds from germinating by blocking their roots from growing.

Check your drainage system

Poor drainage can create a moist environment for weeds and moss to thrive.

Check your gutters are clear of debris and check your patio has a sufficient slope for water to drain away when it rains. Ensure that your gutters are clear of debris and double-check if your patio has a sufficient slope to drain water when it rains.

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