Most ‘effective’ method to water plants ‘encourages deeper roots’, claims expert

Most ‘effective’ method to water plants ‘encourages deeper roots’, claims expert


Gardening: Francis Tophill advises on watering plants without a hose

Whether it’s a small garden, a courtyard, a large family garden or a balcony, watering is undoubtedly one of the most essential tasks a gardener must do.

Plants need water to photosynthesize. Water is an essential nutrient for plants because it comprises up to 95 percent of their tissue.

Gardeners who are growing plants from seed need to water them regularly as water is required for the seeds to sprout and to carry nutrients around the plant.

The spring months are some of the most important in the gardening calendar as it’s when most of the hard work is completed such as pruning and sowing seeds.

Watering also ensures gardens look their best throughout the spring and summer seasons.

With this in mind, Hozelock’s UK and international marketing manager, Richard Ferguson, has shared some tips to help prepare gardens as temperatures start to rise.

Water from the root

The gardening expert said: “One of the best ways to ensure that your plants are well-watered is to water from the root as this ensures that more water goes to the soil. This also minimises the risk of leaf scorch.”

Watering thoroughly not frequently

According to Richard, there is a “common misconception” when it comes to watering plants – watering “little and often”.

He said it’s “more effective” to water less frequently but more thoroughly. He said: “This will help avoid wasting water and will also encourage the plant to grow deeper roots.”

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Install a water butt

Gardeners can make the most of the rain this spring and summer by installing a water butt in their gardens this year.

Using a water butt allows gardeners to use water more wisely and is actually better for the plants because rainwater has a lower pH than tap water.

Gardeners could use a water butt pump to use the water collected with a hose pipe.

Stop water from running away

The gardening expert said one of the main reasons plants may not be getting enough water is because the water often trickles away.

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Gardeners can add mulch such as gravel, bark or wood chips around plants and borders to help retain moisture. 

Invest in an automatic watering solution

Richard said: “You don’t have to spend hours watering the garden in the summer or rely on friends and family when you go on holiday, as there are a number of automatic watering solutions available.

“This allows you to water your plants any time of day, even when you are away, offering an effective and effortless way to keep your garden hydrated and healthy.”

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