‘Most effective and affordable’ solution to remove moss from paving

‘Most effective and affordable’ solution to remove moss from paving


How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Pavers are one of the best home and garden upgrades that exist today and with an immediate return. However, many struggle with the issue of moss growth on them. From an aesthetic point of view, moss between pavers can even add a certain charm to a walkway. For instance, it may be a good idea if you want to give your walkway a more natural and relaxed sort of look. Still, it’s hard to control moss growth, as it will reach a point that it soon will cover your entire walkway. 

A spokesperson for S&S Pavers warned: “If it’s in an area with little to no sunlight and where there is humidity, moss can grow at an accelerated speed, until it escalates to a hazard issue. Moss covered pavers are very slippery, especially on rainy days.”

Seeing your investment all covered with that green goo can be very frustrating. But don’t worry, experts have shared their top natural ways to get rid of moss.

How to get rid of moss on pavers 

According to the S&S Pavers expert, exposure to sunlight is the easiest way to get rid of this growth. They said: “It may not come as a surprise to you, but the simplest, least expensive one is to expose it to sunlight. So, if there is a chance of making sunlight naturally reach the place where the moss is growing, do it. 

“Removing whatever is blocking the sunlight is usually possible when it’s a tree or plant and when that is the cause.”

Still, what if a leaky faucet or broken pipe is causing the moss? If this is the case the experts noted that homeowners must first make the necessary repairs and adjustments. They said: “Long-term humidity is one of the main factors in moss formation, so it’s essential to repair the leak.”

Before using harsh chemicals on pavements, homeowners should first try more natural methods. Once any of these methods have been used the expert advised using a sealer. They said: “The essential point to remember is that after any pavers’ cleaning, you need to reapply sealer. Sealing not only facilitates the cleaning process, but also considerably reduces the incidence of moss in pavers.”

Natural methods to kill moss:

Much like weeds growing in driveway cracks, Britons can get rid of moss on their paving stone walkway or patio by pouring boiling water over it.

The expert said: “The best thing about this natural method is that it will have little to no effect on desirable plants nearby. You will likely need to follow up on the boiling water bath with a good scrub with a deck brush or a stiff broom.”

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Gardening expert, Ben Hilton, at The Yard Garden, agreed: “Boiling water is one of the best natural ways to eliminate moss.” To carry out this method, first take a pot of boiling water and slowly pour it over the areas where moss is present. Be careful not to pour too much at once, or you could damage the pavers or bricks.

Next, let the boiling water sit for a few minutes so that it can penetrate the moss and loosen it up. After a few minutes have passed, use a brush or broom to scrub away the moss. You may need to repeat this process a few times to remove all the moss completely.

White vinegar 

White vinegar is a popular choice for naturally getting rid of unwanted weeds and it is also used to kill moss, according to the paving pro. However, they did note that when using this natural option, many may find that you need to treat the area multiple times to achieve the desired result.

Ben claimed that white vinegar is an “effective natural moss killer”. He explained: “The acid in the vinegar helps break down the moss, making it easier to remove.”

To use white vinegar, start by diluting the vinegar with water. A one to one ratio is a good starting point, but you can adjust it depending on how strong you want the solution to be.

Next, apply the vinegar solution to the areas where moss is present. Be sure to use a spray bottle so you can evenly distribute the solution. Let it sit for an hour, then scrub the area with a stiff brush. After rinse away any remaining vinegar and moss with clean water.

Ben added: “This method is one of the most effective and affordable solutions. You can repeat as often as necessary to ensure all the moss spores are gone.”

Baking soda 

The paving expert said: “Baking soda is a natural method to kill moss in pavers and a very effective one. Baking soda is a very powerful and easy to handle agent, just apply the substance over the mossy area and let it rest until the next day. 

“You will likely need to repeat the process for a few days and clean the area with a broom. Also remember that, just like with vinegar, baking soda is a chemical substance and requires a certain level of care when handling it.”

Ben also agreed with this method. He said: “Baking soda is a natural disinfectant, and it will kill the moss without damaging your pavers or bricks.”

Soda crystals 

Also known as soda ash, soda crystals are a natural cleaning agent that can “break down moss and other organic matter”, according to the gardening expert.

Ben instructed: “For the method, you’ll need to sprinkle the soda crystals over the affected area and leave for a few hours. The moss will die and turn brown. Once the moss is dead, brush it away with a stiff brush. You may need to repeat this process several times to remove all the moss.”

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