Mackenzie reveals why she is really in the Bay in Home and Away twist

Mackenzie reveals why she is really in the Bay in Home and Away twist


Newcomer Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is starting to settle into life in the Bay, even though people are still curious about why a city girl has suddenly turned up to run a business in a small town. She’s sat on the beach when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Colby (Tim Franklin) walk past after their surf. The two guys ask who did better, and Mac declares Dean is the better surfer. She goes on to ask Dean if he’ll give her a surfing lesson, and he agrees before heading to work. Left together, Mac and Colby flirt a little before she goes to find Dean at the surf shop.

Mac pretends she wants to organise the surf lesson, but suddenly starts asking him personal questions about his life. Dean soon gets suspicious and shuts the conversation down, leaving her frustrated and feeling unnerved himself.

Later on, Willow (Sarah Roberts) tells Dean that Bella (Courtney Miller) thinks Mackenzie and Colby are into each other. He goes to find Mac and tells her that Colby wouldn’t be interested in a relationship as he’s just broken up with Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer). However, Mac says she doesn’t like Colby that way and reveals she only came to Summer Bay to get to know Dean.

This immediately rings alarm bells for Dean, who asks what she means by that, and Mackenzie drops a bombshell – she’s his sister. Dean is taken aback by the revelation, and Mac says she found out about him when her investigators dug up some dirt on their shared dad.

Dean tells Willow the news, and she immediately wonders why she bought Salt. And more to the point, what is she doing here? A suspicious Dean has no idea – and he says he wants nothing to do with her…

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