Lawn care tips to avoid ‘disaster’ when mowing – ‘push don’t pull’

Lawn care tips to avoid ‘disaster’ when mowing – ‘push don’t pull’


Gardening expert explains benefits of not mowing your lawn

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With warmer weather now here, it’s time to get lawns in order. One of the best ways to do this is by mowing the lawn. However, mowers that aren’t used properly can cause damage and even injuries.

Lawn experts at Saxton Blades have provided their expert advice on how to effectively maintain lawns, while also keeping family and pets safe when mowing the grass.

The experts said: “Getting your garden in shape this spring to enjoy the sunny weather is at the forefront of many Britons’ minds.

“When it comes to cutting the grass and maintaining your outdoor space, safety is paramount.”

Cut the grass in the right conditions

The UK is known for its unpredictable weather and gardeners need to ensure the weather is appropriate before cutting the grass.

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Those with electric lawn mowers should be especially careful as electricity and water “do not mix”.

The experts added: “This will also greatly reduce the risk of slipping whilst mowing, reducing the risk of injury.”

The right clothing

Lawnmowers can actually throw small objects like stones so gardeners should ensure their legs are protected with long trousers.

Ear defenders can help protect hearing when mowing the lawn too.

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Wear shoes

Wearing flip-flops, sliders or going barefoot could result in a “disaster” when mowing the lawn.

The experts said: “Always wear shoes when maintaining your garden to keep your feet out of harm’s way.”

Push don’t pull

Pushing the lawnmower will keep gardeners in control and allow them to “direct the lawnmower easier”.

This will also prevent any trips or falls.

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Keep hands and feet safe

Lawnmower blades can be extremely sharp and can still turn, even if a mower is turned off.

The lawn experts added: “When cleaning your lawnmower, use a hard object like a trowel to help scrape off any grass or debris that may be beneath.

“When doing this, ensure your lawnmower is turned off.”

Children and pets should be kept indoors

It’s best that children and pets are kept indoors when mowing the lawn.

Those wearing ear defenders should especially ensure children and pets are inside as their hearing is compromised.

“It’s advised to keep them inside until you’re finished,” the experts added.

Some experts also recommend wearing gloves and goggles when mowing lawns.

Gardeners should also avoid drinking alcohol when handling a lawn mower.

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