Lawn care tips: How to bring ‘problem’ patches on lawns ‘back to life’ – ‘do it ASAP’

Lawn care tips: How to bring ‘problem’ patches on lawns ‘back to life’ – ‘do it ASAP’


How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Bare patches on lawns can be an eye sore, especially in the summer months when the lawn is used more frequently. To combat this problem, GardeningExpress founder Chris Bonnet has shared his method for treating a bare patches on lawns. The gardening expert exclusively told that gardeners should treat a bare patch “as soon as possible”.

He said: “If you’ve got a problem patch on the lawn where it’s browned off or died for some reason and you’re wanting to green that up again, you want to do that as soon as possible.

“Rake over it. Get it moist, water it. Rake over it again and sprinkle seed on there.

“You will probably want to be carefully watering that everyday or two with a watering can with the fine watering rose on the end so you’re not washing seeds everywhere.”

A rose on a watering can allows water to flow gently out the can.

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Using a rose stops any seedlings or compost being washed away.

It’s also a great way to water plants in pots, containers and hanging baskets as the flow of water can be controlled more effectively.

Gardeners will need to keep the re-seeded patches “well-watered”.

They will also need to keep an eye on birds who are likely to swoop down and peck at the seeds.

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For this, Chris recommended finding a way to cover the patches.

He said: “Birds can be a problem.

“They can eat the seeds so you will probably want to put some kind of netting or something over it.

“This will stop birds coming over and pecking all the seeds.

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“Then you should be able to get those patches back to life.”

If netting the area isn’t possible, then gardeners could opt for a visual deterrent.

Birds may not go near seed if there are animal decoys in the garden or a scarecrow, for example.

Noise deterrents and offering an alternative food for birds may also work.

The gardening expert recommended choosing either a lawn patch repair kit or simply putting down the pure seed to fix the patches in the lawn.

A repair kit will have everything contained in it but choosing just seed could be cheaper, especially if gardeners already have seed at home.

He said: “You can buy patch kits as well which have got a little bit of feed in to give them a boost and get it going as well as the seed.

“It’s all in one package. Or, you can just get the pure seed.

“That’s generally good enough as well if you’ve got a bald patch on the lawn to sort.”

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