‘It 100% works’ Five ‘safe’ and ‘non-toxic’ methods to ‘deter’ foxes

‘It 100% works’ Five ‘safe’ and ‘non-toxic’ methods to ‘deter’ foxes


Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

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If there’s lots of faeces in the garden, it could be that multiple foxes are fighting over the territory. Fox cubs can be particularly destructive, often digging up soft soil in borders, flower pots and lawns.

With this in mind, fans of lifestyle influencer Mrs Hinch have shared their top tips for banishing foxes from gardens.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home tips.

In recent years, fans of hers have taken to social media sites like Facebook and created their own groups dedicated to sharing gardening and cleaning advice.

On one such group, Facebook user Sarah Selling asked: “Hoping someone can help as at my wit’s end now, every night a fox comes into the garden, last night he destroyed all my plants on one side of my border.

“Heathers ripped out, dahlias all broken and bulbs have been dug up, looks like he had a fight with the whole lot.

“Does anyone know how I can try stop/scare them off from coming in? I know men’s wee is good for stopping them but wanted to see if there’s anything else I can do before going down the wee all over the garden route.”

Sarah’s post was inundated with more than 50 comments from fellow gardening enthusiasts. There were a plethora of different ways to deter foxes but these were the top five:

1. Motion sensor lights

Foxes like to feel safe so installing a motion sensor light can be used to deter foxes who may be scared of the sudden flash of light.

A similar way to scare foxes away is using a motion detecting sprinkler. A sudden burst of water will likely shock them and return to gardens less and less.

Facebook user Diana Quinn said: “I feel for you! Luckily, mine don’t cause a problem they seem to pass through – maybe find where they are coming in and try and block it – usually digging up plants.

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“Holly branches layered across the areas might help. Motion detector lights to scare them and alert you more. The less they see you, the less they will come.”

2. Ultrasonic repellers

Ultrasonic fox deterrents are a great way to banish foxes without harming other wildlife or pets.

Ultrasonic deterrents are easy to set up and use and are convenient but the battery needs to stay charged for it to work.

Furthermore, these deterrents usually have a limited field of operation and can take up to two weeks to work.

Compared to natural home remedies, they can be expensive too, costing around £30 on average.

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Gardening enthusiast Cheryl Marie Brown said she knows people who use ultrasonic fox deterrents and “they do work”.

She said: “You could try those ultrasonic motion sensors, I know people with them and they do work a lot.

“They don’t harm any animals but it definitely deters them. It might save your flower beds next time.”

3. Lion manure

Lion manure is known to deter cats as well as foxes without using artificial chemicals or harming pets.

The pellets are often soaked in the real essence of lion dung before being dried and sterilised ready for beds and borders.

The lion dung works because foxes think there is a bigger predator that has claimed the territory. The fox will hopefully move on to avoid any conflict.

Sarah Wright agreed and said she thinks it works. She said: “Lion poop off Amazon – it works.”

4. Urine

Human urine from a male has a strong scent that is supposed to mask the smell of fox urine forcing them out the garden.

Urine also works to deter other animals from gardens like rabbits, cats and deer.

Facebook user Kerry Mason said she’s known the trick to work. She said: “Just have a male partner or friend wee all over the flower beds it 100 percent works. Safe, non-toxic and free.”

However, Susan Walker claimed the hack “doesn’t work”. She replied: “The urine trick doesn’t work, according to Gardeners’ Question Time on BBC Radio 4.

“You’d need gallons of it to do any good, which would not be pleasant!”

5. Garlic and chillies

Natural ingredients that can be found in people’s homes like chilli peppers, garlic and capsaicin can banish foxes from gardens.

The best way to do this is by boiling chilli pepper and garlic with water and popping them in a blender.

Spray the mixture around the garden where you don’t want foxes or where they enter the garden.

Julia Worrell commented on the post: “They don’t like chillies or garlic apparently which are non-toxic to animals.

“I’m going to try boiling some garlic and spray it over the garden. I love animals but fed up with the fox poop generated by my neighbour feeding five of them chicken or sausages up to twice a night.”

Masuma F Begum added: “I grow chillies during the summer. They seem to come less.”

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