‘Ideal time’ of day to water your houseplants – ‘determines whether your plants thrive’

‘Ideal time’ of day to water your houseplants – ‘determines whether your plants thrive’


Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Houseplants are sheltered from the elements of the outside, but it means that they need to be watered more frequently than garden plants. While they may not be exposed to rainfall, they will need to be given a drink more often during the warmer months when growth is more rapid. Indoor plant experts from The Still have shared when Britons should be watering their plants as well as tips for misting.

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The experts said: “We all want to be the best plant parents we can be, but it can be a daunting task taking care of multiple precious plant babies.

“Watering your plants is arguably the most important part of your weekly plant care routine. 

“It can help determine whether your plants thrive, or call it quits.”

But have you ever wondered: “When, exactly, is the best time to water my plants?” Well that’s a great question.

The plant experts explained how garden plants and houseplants differ.

They said: “In your plants’ natural habitats — they’re watered whenever ‘Mother Nature’ wants to water them. It can rain at any time of the day. 

“But inside, where you’re in control, there actually is an ideal time to water: the morning.”

Most plants like to be watered in the morning hours so that they can bulk up on water before the sun is shining in full force and cooks the water off. 

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The experts noted: “Watering in the morning hours is also a good strategy for plants that do not get as much natural sunlight as they would like to, because the multiple hours of daylight ahead helps to pull the water out immediately, so they’re not sitting in wet potting mix for too long.”

Most houseplants can survive quite happily for up to two weeks in most indoor conditions without being watered, though this will depend on the type of plant you’re growing.

Aside from the species of the plant, other variables which will affect watering include: light, temperature, humidity and positioning.

Using a fixed schedule will not work all year round for your indoor plants, but you should have a set time to check the soil to see if the plant needs watering.

Check the soil by digging your index finger into the soil to test how dry or damp it feels.

Most of the time, bone dry soil means your plant needs watering – though some species should be watered just before then.

The houseplant gurus also shared the best time of day to mist your indoor plants.

They said: “As for misting – for the plants that need to be misted to thrive like air plants and ferns –  it’s best to mist them in the morning and the evening whenever possible. 

“The morning mist helps to prepare them for the day ahead.

“While the evening misting helps create a little extra humidity. These plants will be especially grateful for that.”

Misting in the evening hours is also a great way to give extra moisture to a plant that might be struggling in a dry indoor environment. 

Mist around their space in the evening hours – or invest in a humidifier – to make them thrive.

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