How to water plants: The simple garden mistake you might be making

How to water plants: The simple garden mistake you might be making


Gardening: How to create a watering tool for your plants

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Garden plants need just a few things to stay healthy and water is one of the most important factors to get right. Giving your outdoor plants a drink is easy to do, but there’s one simple mistake you might be making. reveals the key method gardeners should always use to water their plants for the best results.

How to water plants

Watering plants helps them to grow better, but it can be wasteful if you do it in the wrong way.

While watering plants all over may seem effective in the heat, it’s not always the best thing to do during hot, sunny spells.

In fact, Gardeners’ World has warned “a quick sprinkle” all over simply isn’t enough to keep plants hydrated.

Aim for the roots

Instead, gardeners should keep plants healthy by watering the base of the growth rather than using a hose to drench an entire flower bed or border.

Gardeners’ World said: “Apply water to the base of plants where it can soak down to the roots.

“In hot weather, give each plant a good soak at two or three day intervals, rather than a quick sprinkle every day.”

The time of day is also important when it comes to drenching garden plant roots, especially in the heat of summer.

Time it right

Maximising your plant’s ability to absorb all the water and nutrients can be done by watering the garden at two key points in the day.

According to Gardeners’ World, this is best done “in the cool of the evening” or “very early in the morning”.

While it may sound odd to water plants after a full day of sun, it can be more beneficial than doing it in the heat of the day when the liquid is more likely to evaporate.

It is also crucial to leave plenty of time for the plants to absorb the water before the night sets in to prevent damp and other problems affecting your plants.

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Use a spray-gun for better control

To make sure you get the water exactly where you want it to, it is best to use a spray gun attached to the end of the hose.

Not only will this reduce water waste by keeping the water directly on the roots, but it will also minimise the time it takes for you to water large areas without getting it wrong.

Gardeners’ World recommended checking hosepipes for drips and leaks and using a controllable flow attachment.

An aerated spray gun which can change the flow from between 40 to 100 percent is best.

Use pots to maximise hydration

If your garden plants are struggling to absorb water even while using a spray gun, a plant pot is all you need to give them a boost.

Take a small plastic pot and bury it alongside the plant to help channel water to the roots.

To do this, all you need to do is fill the pot with water as well as soaking the root of the plant itself to maximise the effect of the water.

Checking the soil moisture with your finger can also help to monitor how well your plants are absorbing the liquid.

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