How to get your tomato plant to ‘produce more tomatoes’ – ‘don’t be afraid to water’

How to get your tomato plant to ‘produce more tomatoes’ – ‘don’t be afraid to water’


Alan Titchmarsh offers tips on watering tomato plants

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Tomato plant seeds can be sown from February to April, with seedlings being planted from May to June. Now is the perfect time for gardeners to either sow seeds for the last time or think about planting seedlings. A gardening expert from The Home Depot, Rick, has shared how to get tomato plants to produce more tomatoes.

He said: “We’re going to show you how to produce more tomatoes on that tomato plant of yours.

“Yes you’ve got to water it, yes you have to have good soil, yes you don’t want to have acidity yes you’ve got to put fertiliser in it but what else do you have to do?

“You notice a lot of these tomato plants, there’s just lots of leaves on there.

“Leaves are taking moisture out of the soil and nutrients out.

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“The thing is you don’t need all those leaves on there.

“You really only need three basic ones including the blossoms to go ahead and produce more tomatoes.”

The tomato expert said not to cut the leaves and branches off but to pull them off by hand.

The reason for this is because gardeners will need to spray a bleach-based substance for every cut to kill any fungus.

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Make sure you clear all the bottom sections completely out so it’s nice and open and airy.

“Tomatoes love three things.

“They like to have the sun, they like to have the air flowing through them and they like to have water.

“So when you’re getting a tomato plant that’s about this big, don’t be afraid to water it every day.”

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The tomato expert’s plant was almost full size with yellow flowers on it.

He also said it’s “really hard to overwater” tomato plants.

He continued: “It’s really hard to overwater the tomato because they’re just pulling moisture out of that soil like mad.

“We pull off some of the leaves on the tomato plant, get rid of those and that’s going to focus more energy on the blooms.

“As long as the blooms are pollinated they’re going to go ahead and change into tomatoes.”

Tomatoes can be harvested from July to October.

Tomatoes should only be planted outside after the last frost in May.

They can be grown in greenhouses where they will have a longer growing season.

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