How to clean your garden furniture: Lynsey Crombie Queen of Clean on This Morning today

How to clean your garden furniture: Lynsey Crombie Queen of Clean on This Morning today


Lynsey Crombie gives tips on cleaning garden furniture

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Lynsey is a bestselling author, blogger and cleaning influencer. She is a regular guest on Good Morning Britain and This Morning, where she gave a number of tips on outside furniture today.

Lynsey told ITV viewers: “Now, we’ve got lots of different types of garden furniture. We’ve got wood, we’ve got steel, we’ve got the rattan.”

She first gave her advice for cleaning wood.

“Starting with the wood first of all,” Lysney said. “Now, never ever, when you’ve got your wooden furniture, go to it with a bucket of hot soapy water. That’s not the right thing to do.

“Grab a dustpan and brush and just knock off the cobwebs, the leaves, all those little bits a pieces that you are going to get.

“And then, if you’ve got marks on there that are bothering you, you can actually just use a bit of sandpaper and jsut really, really gently rub off those marks.

“Don’t press too hard becasue you don’t want to ruin your lovely furniture, so just be gentle.

“Then I’ve got this amazing produt here, so this is HG Hard Wood Restorer. You can get this in most DIY shops, what you do with this one is you get your wooden bench or your woden table, lay it on some newspaper or a ncie sheet because this will stain grass and patios. Spray it. This has a spray top on it like so.

“Spray it once, leave it 10 minutes spray again. What this is doing to do is its going to bring your wood back to life. It’s gonna resotre it and make it look all really lovely. ANd after 24 hours, once it’s properly dry, you can come out and use your nice wooden furniture.”

Next, she went on to describe how to clean rattan.

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“Now, if you haven’t good wood you might have rattan.”

Rattan is a vine, which can be woven to create all manner of furniture.

“We’ve got a rattan table here. Warm soapy water and a drop of white wine vinegar for mouldy patches is really good on rattan. But what’s also really good, Cif now do an outdoor garden range.

They do this cream cleaner, which works really, really well.

“This also works great on PVC if you have any of that outside, or one of those little plastic bubble cars, if it’s been left out over the winter, it’s going to be looking tired.”

How shold you clean metal garden furniture? Try warer and mild soap before wiping dry.

Use a non-detergent soap and do not use a harsh sponge, such as a oven cleaner.

Remove rust and mould with some light sandpapering.

In other gardening news, today Monty Don urged gardeners not to cut their lawn. 

He said cutting your grass “makes a filthy noise and is about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife”.

Sixty-five year old Monty said men need to ease off their “obsession” with keeping the lawn short.

“Letting grass grow, which is, after all, a pretty passive thing to do, is probably the single most effective thing you can do in any garden of any size to encourage particularly insect life, but also small mammals, invertebrates, replies,” he said.

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