Home and Away spoilers: Tommy rapes Bella in terrifying scenes?

Home and Away spoilers: Tommy rapes Bella in terrifying scenes?


Bella (Courtney Miller) has been talking with Tommy (Adam Sollis) about attending a photography exhibition in the city, and after being banned from heading out there alone by Irene (Lynne McGranger), Tommy suggests he drives her while the wedding is going on. After pretending the wedding would bring up unpleasant trauma for her, Irene relents and lets Bella stay home – where she makes plans to meet up with Tommy.

She gets dressed and is about to head out to meet him when she hears a knock at the door. She’s shocked to see Tommy standing there. He apologises for turning up out of the blue, and says he knows this wasn’t the plan. However, he was running early and figured he’d pick her up instead. Using his charm, he manages to get into the house.

After looking through some photos together, Bella suggests they get going on their trip to the city, but Tommy says he’s here to get to know her. Bella suddenly realises she’s in a dangerous situation – she’s alone in the house with a strange man, and nobody will be back from Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) wedding for several hours.

Tommy says he just wanted to spend some time with Bella and get to know her. Bella is sympathetic in response and tries to fix the situation. He says he wants to look through more photos, as he doesn’t want to be in a crowded place in the city with other people right now.

Looking through the photos, Tommy finds one of Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and asks who he is. Clearly jealous, Bella is left feeling increasingly uncomfortable and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Tommy knocks on the door and gets annoyed when she doesn’t reply. He says he’s done, and Bella hears the door closing.

Hoping the coast is clear, Bella cautiously opens the door and peers out. Believing he’s gone, she leaves the bathroom – but Tommy is lying in wait around the corner. He grabs her and backs her into a corner. She retreats down the hallways and runs into Jasmine’s bedroom.

Tommy says he’s sick of girls like her, who make promises they’re not willing to keep. Bella begs Tommy to let her go, but he asks if he can kiss her. She lunges for a vase on the bedside table, but doesn’t get to it in time. Tommy forces her onto the bed and lies on top of her. He starts kissing her as she struggles against him. Is Bella about to be assaulted?

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