Home and Away spoilers: Ryder puts his future in jeopardy after risky decision

Home and Away spoilers: Ryder puts his future in jeopardy after risky decision


Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been working flat out at the juice bar lately in the hopes of saving up for his first car, and now that he’s spotted one he lives, he has increased motivation to keep working. When Roo (Georgie Parker) points out his school work is important too, and asks about the English assignment that’s worth 40% of his final grade, he breezily tells her it’s already done.

Unbothered by the conversation and his assignment – which hasn’t even been started – he rambles away to Raffy (Olivia Deeble) about all the benefits his dream car has, while Raffy reminds him he doesn’t have any money or a driving license yet.

When she asks about his assignment, Ryder says he’s just adding some finishing touches to it, and becomes increasingly agitated when she reminds him it’s due in two hours. She firmly tells him he needs to focus on the assignment and leaves him to work on it.

However, once Raffy has left, Ryder gets a call from John (Shane Withington), who asks if he can cover a shift. Later on, Roo discovers Ryder hasn’t handed in his assignment and is furious. She catches him at the juice bar, only to find out that he hasn’t even started it.

Ryder is about to pay the price for his actions, as Roo says he’s getting 10% taken off his mark every day until it’s completed. What’s more, he isn’t allowed to work in the juice bar anymore.

Will Ryder finally get his priorities right, or is he about to lose both his dream car and his place in high school?

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