Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie offers Ryder a life-changing opportunity

Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie offers Ryder a life-changing opportunity


Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been avoiding his schoolwork lately, failing to see the point in graduating from high school and wanting to focus more on working in the real world. He stays up all night to finally submit his overdue English assignment so he won’t keep getting marks docked from it for lateness. To Roo’s (Georgie Parker) disappointment, Ryder has done really well on the assignment – but his mark is capped at 60% because it didn’t arrive on time.

Roo tries to convince Ryder of how important the HSC is, as it will open up more opportunities for him when he’s older, but Ryder isn’t interested, saying he’d rather be working than be a struggling student. As he heads to the juice bar to work, it’s clear he thinks the HSC is just getting in the way of life.

At the juice bar, Ryder offers Mackenzie (Emily Weir) a new flavour of juice he created, and she’s impressed by his creativeness. She asks if he has his RSA – or Responsible Service of Alcohol, a certification for bar work. Ryder says he doesn’t, but Mac says if he does get it, he’d make a great addition to Salt.

Ryder is thrilled about the opportunity, and tells Roo about the job offer. He says he wants to learn new skills and earn money to go travelling. Roo insists that he needs to focus on his HSC, but Ryder is indifferent about school and wants to focus more on his future. Going to see Mac later, he gets more information about the job and starts to get excited – but Roo says he can’t work at Salt, as there would be too many late nights for him to juggle it with school work.

Later, Roo is pleasantly surprised to learn that Ryder has been on his laptop in the Diner all evening, studying. She believes he’s taken her advice on board and is finally getting stuck into his schoolwork. But whenever anyone comes near Ryder, he slams his laptop closed – what is he hiding?

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