Home and Away spoilers:  Dr Alex reveals a surprising secret at the hospital

Home and Away spoilers: Dr Alex reveals a surprising secret at the hospital


Justin (James Stewart) has rushed out into the water to save Raffy (Olivia Deeble), who went out on her own and had begun to drown. Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and John (Shane Withington) help to pull her to shore and put her in the recovery position, where she begins to cough up water.

They take her to hospital, where Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura) asks her what happened. However, Raffy isn’t able to say anything for herself as Justin, John, Marilyn and Mason interject and answer everything for her. Alex asks for a moment alone with Raffy and tries to figure out what led her to go into the water alone. Raffy explains that she just wants to feel normal again, and Mason runs Alex through Raffy’s medical history. He says that the cannabis trial was really working for her, but now it’s gone.

Alex gives Raffy the all-clear to return home after an x-ray reveals there’s no fluid in her lungs, but is concerned about her mental state. The Morgans, John and Marilyn tell her that Raffy feels the epilepsy is taking over her life. However, when Raffy is discharged, Alex suggests that they should stop mollycoddling her and let her make her own decisions.

Speaking to Raffy before she leaves, Dr Alex says it’s possible to live a normal life with epilepsy. Raffy is doubtful, but Alex reveals that she herself suffers from epilepsy. In fact, she suffered a seizure during a HSC exam.

Raffy’s worldview changes and Alex becomes her role model. She decides it’s time to turn over a new leaf – she’s going to step up and take control of her life. Raffy’s loved ones agree to take a step back, while she shocks them with her change of heart and new positive attitude about her treatment moving forwards.

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