Gardening: ‘Quick’ 99p hack to water plants on ‘autopilot’ – ‘slowly seep into the soil’

Gardening: ‘Quick’ 99p hack to water plants on ‘autopilot’ – ‘slowly seep into the soil’


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Watering is no doubt one of the most important aspects to achieving a gorgeous, thriving garden. During the summer months, plants may become more thirsty, including fruits like tomatoes. For most gardening enthusiasts, this means watering the garden once, if not twice a day which can be incredibly time consuming. However, there is one way to make your own self-watering system which can help to save time.

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Overwatering can cause multiple problems in the garden, but under-watering can also be detrimental.

It can be hard to know how much to water plants during the summer months, but one gardening expert has shared a super easy hack to help.

Joseph Clark, otherwise known as @joesgarden.official on Instagram and @joesgarden on TikTok, explained how burying a pot into the soil can help water plants this summer.

In a TikTok video to his 1.1 million followers, the gardening pro said: “Here’s a quick tip to help you water your plants on autopilot.

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“All you need is a terracotta pot and some Blu Tack to plug the drainage hole.

“Bury the terracotta pot next to the plants you want to water.”

Joe then filled the plant pot up with water.

The gardening pro added: “Add a lid to stop evaporation and mosquitoes.

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“Because terracotta is porous, the water will slowly seep into the soil, going directly to the plants’ roots.”

This hack is super affordable, with terracottas available to purchase for as little as 99p.

The video gained more than 35,000 likes with followers explaining how useful this trick will be in the garden.

If possible, The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommended opting for rainwater when watering the garden.

This is often a “go-to” for gardeners as it is freely available if they can store it.

Tap water requires treatment and energy to deliver it into homes and can contain more minerals than many plants need.

This is especially true for ericaceous plants.

Joe also recently shared a “quick plant tip” on his TikTok which involved making a recycled seed tray for plants.

He explained: “All you need is some toilet roll holders.

“Cut them into little circles and pop them in a tray. Drop in your soil mix and then plant out your favourite seeds.

“I’m using peas. Give them a good drink and this will act as a seeding tray.

“Once they’ve germinated, plant the whole thing and as they grow, the cardboard will rot away.”

July also isn’t too late for gardeners to get stuck into some last minute fruit growing.

According to experts at, fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries can still be planted.

They’ll add some colour into the garden and should be ready to harvest before the end of summer.

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