Gardening expert shares jobs to do for January including hack for ‘cleaner, neater’ lawn

Gardening expert shares jobs to do for January including hack for ‘cleaner, neater’ lawn


Homebase reveals what to do in your garden in January

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January can seem like a dull month for gardening, especially when the weather turns damp and cold. However, for keen gardeners, there are still plenty of jobs that can be done to get ahead for spring. A gardening expert at Homebase UK has shared their top January garden tips.

The expert said January is the time to protect plants from harsh frosts and give birds a helping hand.

The expert said: “With Christmas now behind us it’s the perfect time to get back out into the garden and catch up with any jobs that might need doing.”

Christmas trees

Many homeowners are unsure what to do with their Christmas trees at this time of year.

Some people throw them away which means they’re sent to landfill.

This is a bad practice which can cause the tree to decompose and produce greenhouse gas.

Instead, the expert suggested composting the tree and burning other parts of it.

They said: “Compost your Christmas tree branches and needles then chop and burn the trunks on your home fire or chiminea.”


Roses need to be cared for all year round, including in January.

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The expert said: “Prune your rose bushes removing any dead dying damaged or diseased stems.”

Protecting plants

Some plants need protection from birds and the cold weather at this time of year.

This can be done with cloches or netting.

The expert said: “Protect your plants especially brassicas from hungry birds with cloches and netting.”

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Some seedlings can germinate earlier with an electric propagator.


Lawn care may sound like a tricky task in January but soft ground can make certain tasks easier.

“Edge your lawn on a day when the ground is soft for a cleaner neater finish,” said the expert.


Greenhouses should be insulated with bubble wrap to protect your plants from frost.


Wildlife often need a helping hand in the winter months as their food stores become depleted.

The expert said: “Care for any birds visiting your garden by keeping bird baths topped up and free from ice and feeding them a winter seed mix.”


After a wet and windy autumn, patios can start to look muddy and weather-worn.

“Pressure wash your patio and pass to get rid of unsightly dirt and to make it less slippery,” the expert said.


The expert said: “Install a water butt now so it has a chance to fill up ready for next spring.”

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