Gardeners share ‘miracle worker’ for cleaning patios and paths

Gardeners share ‘miracle worker’ for cleaning patios and paths


To tackle this issue, cleaning enthusiasts, including fans of Mrs. Hinch, have shared their effective solutions for cleaning outdoor patios and pathways.

One popular suggestion from Facebook user Michelle Hewitt is to use Wet & Forget. This product is sprayed once a year, allowing the rain to clean off mildew and dirt. While it may take a few months to notice the difference, it requires minimal effort.

Another user, Lizzie Hillier, confirmed the effectiveness of Wet & Forget. Lois Prior recommended mixing Wet & Forget liquid in a watering can, while Gary Marshall described it as “brilliant stuff.” Lynda Courtenay Black referred to Wet & Forget as a “miracle worker” for paths and patios.

Helen Conte praised its least labor-intensive nature, making it a worthwhile purchase. Helen Hardwick suggested using a bleach solution and a stiff brush, noting that Wet & Forget is also fantastic for this purpose.

In addition to Wet & Forget, other cleaning solutions have been recommended by Mrs. Hinch’s fans. Jackie Styles suggested using Pink Stuff along with a stiff brush.

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Karen Davidson recommended sodium hypochlorite and a stiff brush. Sarah Taylor shared a tip from a garden maintenance professional, suggesting sprinkling cheap biological washing powder on the affected area, adding water, and brushing it off.

Julie Jackson mentioned using washing powder and a brush, while Alison Plastow recommended wash powder with a yard brush. Lorraine Craig advised using cheap bleach, hot water, and scrubbing with a yard brush. Noreen Rank mentioned soda crystals as another option.

These cleaning products are readily available and offer various approaches to effectively clean garden paths and patios. Wet & Forget – Mould Lichen & Algae Remover can be purchased from Amazon, while Wet & Forget Weekly Shower Spray Cleaner is available from Lakeland. Pink Stuff, sodium hypochlorite, washing powder, and bleach are other alternatives suggested by Mrs. Hinch fans.

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