Drink driving, obsessive behaviour and a shock arrival in Home and Away

Drink driving, obsessive behaviour and a shock arrival in Home and Away


This week on Home and Away, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is determined to change her lifestyle after Izzy’s health scare. To Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) surprise, she begins eating organic salads and only using natural cleaning products. When Marilyn (Emily Symons) appears at the house to educate Ziggy about crystal cleansing, Dean snaps and decides enough is enough…

Elsewhere, Ava (Annabel Wolfe) is eager to prove to Theo (Matt Evans) that she’s better than Kirby. She monopolises his time, pulling him away from his girlfriend – and when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) confronts Theo about Ava’s crush, he’s oblivious. The situation reaches a climax when Ava rocks up in Salt dressed up in a revealing outfit. How will Theo react?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday April 17.

Mackenzie learns that Gabe could die of cancer

While Mackenzie is telling Remi how happy she is with Gabe, little does she know her boyfriend is in hospital with Bree trying to wrap his head around his devastating diagnosis. He refuses to take more tests and asks Bree to keep it a secret. Later, Mackenzie surprises Gabe with a romantic drink and asks him to move in with her. However, he says he can’t and quickly walks away, leaving her devastated.

The next day, Dean goes to bat for his sister, wanting to know what Gabe is playing at. Gabe reluctantly tells Dean the truth about his health, and although he is sworn to secrecy, Dean feels his sister ought to know the truth. When she finds out, her world is turned upside down…

John reports Alf to the cops for harassment?

John and Alf’s feud over the Surf Club’s IT upgrade has reached a whole new level, after Alf wrote an email to a colleague describing John as incompetent. Roo eventually gets her Dad to see the benefit of the upgrade, but Alf is still reluctant to apologise. When Marilyn threatens him with a crystal healing, Alf delivers a gruff apology – but John refuses to accept it after the level of humiliation he’s suffered. Alf feels John is overreacting, but this only makes John even more outraged – and he threatens to call the police for harassment and defamation!

Ziggy enlists Marilyn to ‘detox’ the house

Ziggy has been left a nervous wreck after Izzy’s health scare, and she decides it’s time to start taking care of her body and surroundings. To Dean’s surprise, she begins eating organic salads and seeking out all-natural cleaning products. Before long, she takes it to the next level by getting Marilyn over to the house to ‘detox’ it of all harmful chemicals.

When Dean sees the two women throwing out a mountain of supplies and hears Marilyn bringing up crystal cleansing, Dean quickly ushers Marilyn out of the house. He then tells Ziggy her cleaning tirade has gone too far – he used to eat dirt as a kid!

Rose worries that Mali is cheating as he gets constant texts

Rose and Mali’s relationship is continuing to blossom, and when Rose reveals she’s not had any surfing lessons before it isn’t long before Mali is showing her the ropes. Rose proves to be an impatient pupil, but when she realises she has to be better than Xander her competitive streak kicks in. However, her insecurities also kick in when she notices Mali is spending a lot of time on his phone. Later that evening, as they set up a barbecue at his place, Rose can’t help noticing that Mali is getting a deluge of texts. Eventually, Rose asks him straight – who is blowing up his phone? Is he seeing someone else?

Ava’s obsessive behaviour drives a wedge between Theo and Kirby

Ava is spending as much time as she can with Theo, which is beginning to annoy Kirby. When Theo chooses to head home with Ava instead of going for a walk with his girlfriend, Kirby realises Ava’s crush is going too far – and Theo is completely oblivious. When she talks to Theo about it, he says that Ava is just here to work things out with her Dad. Later, Ava suggests to Theo that they go to a gig – but Kirby points out it’s an 18+ venue. Justin says she has to stay home, but at Salt later, Kirby and Theo are stunned to see Ava has snuck out to join them – and she’s dressed up to the nines…

Nikau is left blindsided when he sees Bella in Salt

Nikau walks into Salt and is confronted with the last person he ever expected to see – Bella is suddenly back in town. The pair sit down and make awkward small talk until Belal cuts to the chase. She was upset when they broke up, but her life is going great and she wouldn’t have progressed this much if he was still in the picture. Nikau is left devastated – and his mood continues on a downard spiral when, the next day, Bella meets up with him to hand over some prints of his family. Nikau becomes convinced that Bella is working hard to completely eradicate him from her life…is he right?

Felicity drink drives and runs from police in a new low

Felicity is devastated to receive a text from Tane asking her to pick up the last of her belongings from the house. When Cash shows up shortly afterwards, she’s convinced that Tane sent her and so she lets rip at him. Later, Eden shows up and Felicity has a softer attitude for her. When Eden gently points out it might make sense to get her stuff and not drag the situation with Tane out, Felicity admits she doesn’t want things to end with him. The next day, she drinks from the moment she wakes up and gets behind the wheel of Eden’s van drunk to drive her stuff back to the caravan park. When she spots Cash’s police car, she does an abrupt U-turn in the van and begins speeding away from the cops…

Ava disappears into the night after rejection from Theo

Ava is excited to be in Salt in her best dress, hoping to show Kirby up and win Theo. However, she is quickly brought back down to earth when Theo immediately suggests she needs to go home. She tries to order an alcoholic drink, but Theo quickly tells the staff she’s underage and gets her an apple juice. Fuming, Ava quickly gives the couple the slip – and by the time Justin arrives to pick up his daughter, the trio quickly realise Ava has gone missing…

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