‘Don’t throw them away’: How to ‘instantly revive’ plants damaged during hot weather

‘Don’t throw them away’: How to ‘instantly revive’ plants damaged during hot weather


David Domoney shows the 'dunking' method to save plants

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Gardening expert and horticulturist David Domoney appeared on ITV’s This Morning to discuss how to look after gardens during a heatwave. During the segment, David showed viewers how to “instantly revive” plants that have become damaged or dry from the heat. The Love Your Garden presenter said: “Now, if you have had a couple of plants that have suffered from the dry, don’t throw them away because they have a tendency to easily recover.

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“You can identify whether it’s dead or not by scraping away a bit of the bark.

“As you can see here there’s still green underneath this.”

David had a hydrangea that had dried out which still had green leaves.

Despite some of the leaves being “crisp”, the gardening expert said there was still a way to “instantly revive” them.

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He said: “The secret is you need to give them instant revival, and that is a process we use on the growing nurseries called ‘dunking’.

“[This is] where you’ve got a plant that’s dry, put it straight into a bucket of water, see the bubbles coming out and you wait until all the bubbles have gone and then lift it out and that plant is properly hydrated.

“You leave that to stand, make sure it doesn’t dry out and it should come back to normal again.”

When it comes to watering the garden, David suggested using a watering can.

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He said it’s the “most effective” way to water plants.

He added: “I usually take the rose off so I can water straight into the pot.”

When to water plants

With the heatwave continuing across the country, many people will be wondering when it’s best to water plants.

David suggested the “best time” is either first thing in the morning or around about seven o’clock in the evening.

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This allows enough time for excess water that’s on the patio to dry off so slugs don’t use it to get to your plants.


David said it’s important to keep houseplants well-watered as well.

He suggested investing in capillary matting for houseplants which holds a lot of water.

The plant’s compost will suck up the extra moisture from the matting as it grows.


Adding mulch to beds and borders will help plants retain moisture.

David used a fibre smart mulch for his border.

“Anything that’s peat-free is really good to be able to support that moisture within,” he added.

This Morning is available to stream on the ITV Hub.

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