‘Don’t put them out too early’ Best time to plant hanging baskets for a ‘glorious’ display

‘Don’t put them out too early’ Best time to plant hanging baskets for a ‘glorious’ display


How To… Plant a Hanging Basket

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Hanging baskets are a cheerful addition to late spring and summer gardens, but placing them out too soon can run the risk of your flowers dying off early. This is because typically popular bedding plants are used to make up the colourful displays.

Bedding plants are usually tender, which means they cannot survive in harsh conditions such as low temperatures, especially if wet and cold.

According to experts from The English Garden, Britons should wait to plant their hanging baskets outside until the risk of such weather has passed.

They said: “Most popular bedding plants used in hanging baskets are tender, so don’t plant them up and put them outside too early, before the risk of frost has passed.”

The experts recommended waiting until late May or early June before putting your hanging basket outside.

However, if you have a greenhouse, you might be able to get things started sooner.

The experts added: “To get a headstart, if you have a greenhouse you can plant them up earlier in spring, grow them on under glass, and then put the already established basket outside at the end of May or early June.”

Hanging baskets are notoriously difficult to keep at their best, however, so following the correct care routine is essential.

The English Garden said: “A glorious hanging basket is hard to beat. Done well, they make a real impact, full of flowers and colour.

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“But if they’re to live up to expectations, hanging baskets are quite high-maintenance and take some looking after.”

In order to keep your flowers thriving, the experts recommended a “dedicated” watering routine.

Your basket will likely need watering every day and should drip water for at least 20 minutes after.

If your basket isn’t doing that, it may mean you have not watered it enough.

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Windy weather or extreme heat can also do damage to your hanging basket.

If such weather is forecast, it’s worth moving your hanging basket into a sheltered or shaded spot for a few days.

Topping up the nutrients in your hanging basket compost can also be a major help in making sure your plants reach their maximum potential.

The experts recommended feeding with tomato fertiliser at a quarter strength around once each week.

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