‘Best time’ to plant hydrangeas for ‘beautiful blooms’ that ‘last’

‘Best time’ to plant hydrangeas for ‘beautiful blooms’ that ‘last’


Alan Titchmarsh shows off his hydrangeas

Unrivalled in the shrub world for their beautiful flowers, these elegant perennial plants are easy to grow and produce abundant blooms. 

This plant comes in all shapes and sizes. Many grow to become attractive, medium-sized shrubs that look stunning in borders, but some are compact enough to be grown in a container, while others form magnificent climbers. 

For those new to the world of hydrangeas, gardening experts have shared when and where to plant these garden beauties.

When to plant hydrangeas

When gardeners see hydrangea plants for sale at local garden centres, that’s usually the right time for planting, but this timing will vary by region. 

For instance, in areas where winters are coldest, hydrangeas should be planted in early spring or early autumn. 

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In warmer regions with mild winters, the window for planting hydrangeas is longer, from autumn all the way through to early spring.

Garden pros at Gardening Express claimed that while potted hydrangeas can be planted all year round, with hydrangeas in the ground “you do have to be careful with the condition of the soil”.

They said that the “best time” to plant them is in autumn or spring as this avoids “damaging conditions” and ensures “lasting and healthy beautiful blooms”.

The Royal Horticultural Society agreed: “Plant your shrubby hydrangea soon after purchase. The best time to plant is in spring or autumn. 

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“Containerised plants can be planted all year round as long as the soil is not frozen, too wet, or excessively dry in summer.”

Where to plant hydrangeas

Where to plant hydrangeas is just as important as the time at which these flowers should be planted.

The pros at Gardening Express explained that the “ideal planting location” does depend on factors in the garden, such as the soil type. 

If the soil in your garden does not match the plant requirements, it may be best to grow it in a container. Or, gardeners can also add to their soil to make it better suited to hydrangeas. 

Hydrangeas do prefer growing in moist, clay soils. Some hydrangeas will need more acidic or alkaline soil to “get the best colour from the flowers”, so it is advised to test the pH of the soil before deciding where to plant them.

The experts said: “Your hydrangea will be happiest growing in a combination of morning sun and afternoon shade. 

“The more sun the plant gets, the more water it will need. Once you have planted your hydrangea in the right location, provide the plant with enough water to aid its establishment.”

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