‘Best’ option to remove dandelions and other weeds ‘instantly’ from your lawn

‘Best’ option to remove dandelions and other weeds ‘instantly’ from your lawn


Many gardeners see dandelions as a nuisance popping up on their lawns and can struggle to remove them. While the first thought is typically to immediately reach for the bottle of weed killer, there are ways of dealing with the problem without spraying chemicals. With this in mind, gardeners have taken to social media to share how they remove dandelions from their lawns, as well as other weeds.

Posting on the Gardening UK Facebook page, one man was looking for advice to improve the look of his lawn which appeared to be covered in weeds.

Sharing a picture of his lawn, Andy Clarke said: “Hi gardeners, Hi everyone. I haven’t posted on here before, but I was hoping that you guys can help. What’s the best way to get rid of these weeds, please? 

“I tried using a child and pet-friendly natural lawn feed. We have pets so don’t want to use anything with too many chemicals.

“The grass is covered in dandelions but these seem to grow quite spindly and with a red/orange flower on them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

These fertile flowering plants are challenging to control once they have set in and can spend very quickly.

To remove the lawn of these weeds, group members recommended Andy mow his lawn and then dig up each individual weed so that the entire root is removed.

Jonny Foster said: “Spend time mowing the lawn then digging up the weeds, they are quite individual so easy enough to do. Then just rough up the bare soil patches and re-seed. 

“If you take out the odd ones you see in the future before they seed, you’ll get them under control.”

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Tracey Morris wrote: “It’s a good idea to deadhead them after flowering to prevent further seeding if you can’t get all of them up straight away. Then the bees benefit and so do you.

“Also it’s worth mowing the grass first if you are planning to dig up the dandelions.”

Katherine Nolan said: “I had a fair few of these in my garden, they were an absolute pain. 

“The best way to remove them is to mow the lawn, then I get a hand trowel push in deep and lift. 

“They do come up and I pull the root system with it, then push the grass back in place. This is better than using weed killer as the results are instant and it doesn’t take days for them to die.”

Gillian Cobbin wrote: “Personally I hand pick each one out with a fork or a very narrow hand dowel and wiggle out to pull out as many roots as possible to prevent regrowth next year.  I also have a dog but he eats grasses from time to time.”

Jennifer Claire said: “It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but you can hand weed dandelion from lawn really effectively. 

“If you get under the root with a pitchfork – or even a hand fork if it fits – you can easily pull the weed out in one piece, root and all, so it doesn’t grow back. Then just step on the sod you’ve pried up to push it back into place. 

“The added bonus is you’ll have aerated your lawn as well, which is important if the soil is compacted from people walking and playing on it.

“It looks a bit strange for a day or two afterwards but much better than using lethal chemicals and you get a bit of a workout, too. We have a 50-foot diameter circle of lawn and I do this once a year.

Sarah Knight commented: “Just keep cutting your lawn and don’t let the dandelions flower as this is their seeds. To remove it fully you’ll have to dig it up.”

Mowing the lawn will interrupt the lifecycle but won’t kill the plant, therefore gardeners must remove the entire root – even a tiny fragment can sprout and produce a new cluster of shoots. 

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