Bella goes wild and breaks the law in Home and Away

Bella goes wild and breaks the law in Home and Away


Bella (Courtney Miller) has been struggling with her lessons at school, combined with her lack of friends, but things had been starting to look up thanks to Simone (Emily Eskell) helping her out and new friends materialising in the form of Raffy (Olivia Deeble) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich). However, in the aftermath of Simone leaving her job at the school, Bella starts to struggle with her education again, and decides to stop taking it so seriously.

Keen to develop her friendship with Raffy and Ryder, Bella suggests cutting class to hang out, but Raffy suggests they meet at the Surf Club during recess instead. Disappointed, Bella heads to her modern history lesson with Roo (Georgie Parker), but clearly doesn’t want to be there. When she’s called on in class, she is disruptive and refuses to engage with the lesson. Roo keeps her back during recess, but Bella decides not to listen to her and instead heads to the Surf Club. However, Colby (Tim Franklin) soon catches her and brings her back.

Roo speaks to Maggie (Kestie Morassi) about Bella’s behaviour, and they begin to really worry when they realise Bella’s missing from the school grounds. When Colby brings her back, the two teachers decide to double their efforts to help her, arranging their schedules so that Roo can put in more time with her.

While Colby reminds Bella that it was her own actions which led to Simone leaving the school, Bella remains reluctant to discuss her past with Roo, and soon has other ideas. She decides to escape school again, and takes it a step further this time, illegally pulling the fire alarm.

The entire school is evacuated as a result of Bella’s activity, and the fire department shows up. An embarrassed Colby shows up to take her home, and Maggie is left wondering what to do about her…

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