You Can Get Your Entire Holiday Meal Delivered From QVC—& A Ton of Gourmet Food Is On Sale Right Now

You Can Get Your Entire Holiday Meal Delivered From QVC—& A Ton of Gourmet Food Is On Sale Right Now


Chances are that you’ve found a number of gotta-have-it items from QVC for less. Clothing, electronics, and even this must-have Theragun massager we’re giving to literally everyone on our holiday shopping list this year. But, we just might’ve discovered the most underrated part of the entire website — the gourmet food and wine section. Bet you didn’t know it was a thing? Turns out you can get everything for your holiday feast delivered right to your door.

Yep, you can shop all the meats you could ever wants — from steaks to the turkey, they’ve got it all. Sides? They’ve got plenty. The dessert section is droolworthy, of course. From Junior’s famous cheesecakes to Cheryl’s cookies, it’ll be hard to narrow down you selection to one or two things. To top it all off, a bunch of these gourmet foods and drinks are on sale right now.

And if you don’t stick to the status quo during the holidays, there are tons of other food options. We’re seriously tempted to serve these enchiladas on Christmas to switch things up. Some items, like the appetizers, come frozen, and the meats come uncooked.

Ahead, check out a peek of what food and drink options you can have delivered straight to your door, thanks to QVC. So long, grocery-store-holiday rush! You’ll also have everyone wondering if you turned into a pro chef overnight, so that’s cool too. Oh, and there’s even an auto-delivery option on some items if you want to keep the food going into the new year.

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The Main Event

Whether you prefer turkey, ham, steak, or seafood, you can get all of them delivered to your door in just a few clicks. Choose from gourmet brands like Rastelli’s, Kansas Steak Company, or Heartland Fresh. No matter how you roll, you’ll just need to pop it in the oven.

Sides Galore

TBH, our favorite part about the holiday meal are the sides, and you can never have too many. This particular offering includes four (four!) 2-pound side dishes, complete with a side of gravy. If you want to keep the gourmet fun going into 2021, you can also choose an auto-delivery option.

Wine Not

Yep, the booze is covered too so you don’t have to make an unnecessary trip to the liquor store either. You can stock up on bulk wine so you’ll never run out.

Anything but Traditional

Why not mix things up this year since nothing else has been normal? Except this would actually be a fun thing to do. QVC has a ton of other types of ready-to-cook meals and sides, like these enchiladas, if you don’t want to stick to the traditional stuff. Or, you can keep these other foods in mind for the rest of year when you need some help in the kitchen.

The Grand Finale

Of course, we saved the best for last. We had no idea you could buy the famous Junior’s New York City cheesecake anywhere else, so this news made our day. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with other baked goods and desserts, like Cheryl’s cookies.

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