Woman shows how to remove the stone from an avocado with just one hand

Woman shows how to remove the stone from an avocado with just one hand


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Avocado on toast may be a millennial breakfast staple, but getting the stone out has caused injuries in the past.

But it turns out you can remove the troublesome centre with just one hand if you do it in a certain way.

Australian woman Lottie Dalziel posted on her Instagram @Banish.au showing her technique.

‘This is the hack every avocado lover needs to know,’ she wrote.

She simply places a finger either side of the stone and then puts her thumb on the back behind it.

By gently applying pressure with her thumb, she is able to pop the pip out in seconds.

Then you can scoop out the green flesh to mash or slice and enjoy.

It means you don’t need a sharp knife, so there’s no risk of accidentally cutting yourself.

People were surprised at just how easy it is to remove the stone when you know how.

One said: ‘I can’t believe this!! So simple. WHY DID WE NOT KNOW THIS??!!’

Another added: ‘Nice! No knife needed.’

And if you decide you don’t want to eat the whole fruit in one go, you can easily freeze half and save it for later.

The secret is to wait until it’s at the perfect ripeness, then you can freeze it and always have it ready.

One woman used a cookie scoop to make dozens of avocado balls from her ripe fruit. She stuck them on a tray lined with tin foil, covered them and then popped them into the freezer for a few hours.

Once frozen, she then removed them from the tray and put them in a sandwich bag to save space.

Any time she needed avocado, she could just removed from the freezer and left to thaw in around 30 minutes.

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