Woman finds six double-yolk eggs in box in 'one in 10 trillion' chance

Woman finds six double-yolk eggs in box in 'one in 10 trillion' chance


The chances of finding a double-yolk egg in a standard box is around 1 in 1,000.

But what would you say the chances are of finding six double-yolkers in a box of twelve standard eggs?

That’s exactly what happened to Aussie mum Corrine Finch, who got her first pair of doublers when making breakfast on Tuesday.

She then was shocked to find the next two on Wednesday, and even more shocked on Thursday morning when two more double-yolked eggs hit the pan.

Sharing her half-dozen finds on Instagram, Corrine asked ‘What are the odds?!’

As it turns out, potentially as low as one in 10 trillion.

The odds of getting one double-yolk egg in a box at one in 1,000, but when it comes to multiples these odds shorten.

That’s because younger chickens are more likely to have eggs with two yolks, and many boxes of eggs are from hens in the same coop that are the same age.

So, for a second egg in the same box as the first double-yolker, the odds drop to one in 100.

If you multiplied 1,000 by a hundred by a hundred by a hundred by a hundred by a hundred, you’d end up with 10 trillion.

According to the BBC, it’s not quite as simple as that, as you need to factor in that double-yolked eggs are bigger, making them more likely to be grouped together by size.

We’re still counting it as a miracle, though.

If you’d like to recreate the high – albeit in a slightly synthetic manner – you can actually buy double-yolk eggs from Waitrose or M&S. They’ve been scanned beforehand to guarantee you extra yolky goodness.

Or, you can head to Malaga for an even greater thrill, and meet Darlene the chicken, who just laid a triple-yolk egg (one in 25 million chance).

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