This Pizza Slice Storage Solution Will Save So Much Fridge Space & Keep Your Leftovers Fresh

This Pizza Slice Storage Solution Will Save So Much Fridge Space & Keep Your Leftovers Fresh


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Do you ever see something on TikTok that comes out of nowhere to suddenly blow your mind? Yeah, us too. From dalgona coffee (remember that?) to the inescapable TikTok home decor trends of LED strip lights and faux vines hanging from the wall, there are some TikTok trends that are unavoidable, some that are worth skipping, and some that change your life. Well, we just found a life-changer folks, and it’s going to solve one of the most annoying fridge storage debacles we often face. The item in question? A collapsible pizza slice storage container that means you’ll never have to try to shove a giant carboard box into your refrigerator ever again.

It’s called The Pizza Pack.

Each pizza pack can hold up to five slices of leftover pizza. They’re collapsible and made of silicone for easy storage, and come with microwave-safe pizza slice-shaped plates that can be used to individually reheat slices (and keep them from sticking together and getting soggy when they’re stored). As you eat your leftovers, The Pizza Pack can be collapsed to be smaller and smaller, so you’re never left with the frustrating “one slice of leftover pizza in a giant box taking up all of the room in your fridge” situation ever again.

The reviews of the product on Etsy show just how useful The Pizza Pack can be.

“Holds a lot of pizza and folds up nicely,” shared one happy customer, who gave the product a 5-star review. “This is working out great for my household! I’m throwing away less plastic baggies,” shared another.

The one thing to keep in mind is that The Pizza Pack works for pizzas up to 18 inches, but if you’re getting an extra-extra large New York-style pie, you might have to do some creative cutting of your leftover slices to get them to fit.

That being said, most XL pizzas are 16-18 inches, so it should work for most take-out, delivery, and frozen pizza leftovers. Say goodbye to the wasted plastic bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap, and hello to the sustainable pizza slice storage solution that is The Pizza Pack.

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