This 'messy dinner' challenge avoids washing up – but would you try it?

This 'messy dinner' challenge avoids washing up – but would you try it?


Does cutting down on your washing up and getting your kids to eat without fuss sound good?

You might want to try TikTok’s ‘messy dinner’ trend.

All you need is your food… and a clean table.

Mums have been trying it to see if it makes their children eat up their dinner – with mixed results.

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There are no plates in sight for the technique.

Instead, once dinner is ready, simply load it onto a table and get the family to eat off it (cutlery is allowed).

One mum who tried it said it was ‘fun’ but that she probably wouldn’t do it again.

So, as a one-off culinary experience, it might be worth a go.

Another mum, who put the food on top of a plastic sheet, said: ‘Kids loved it. Husband was slightly freaked out. And I had significantly less dishes.’

The comments weren’t so friendly, as one person said: ‘Your kids will love you but you might get divorced.

‘The father’s face. What’s going on here.’

Others also criticised the table topper.

Someone else wrote: ‘There’s toxic powder on those bags but OK.

‘That plastic isn’t food safe or heat safe. Tinfoil in the future would be a better option.’

However, some stressed it was a great idea and ‘connects the family’.

If you’re eating off a safe and clean surface, not much can go wrong – but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

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