This Cocktail Recipe Puts a Fresh New Twist on the Summer Spritz

This Cocktail Recipe Puts a Fresh New Twist on the Summer Spritz


Raise a glass to sunny Summer weather! We’ve partnered with Absolut to help you squeeze all the fun out of every single day, with a little help from new Absolut Juice Strawberry.

If Fall is all about hot mulled cider and Winter is dominated by spiked hot cocoa and toddies, Summer is the season of spritzes. There are a million ways to make these bubbly, refreshing, and easy-to-drink cocktails; as long as you have your liquor of choice, some sparkling wine, and soda water, you can make a spritz.

This Summer, put a new spin on the classic cocktail with the addition of Absolut Juice, a brand-new line of spirits made with Absolut Vodka and real fruit juice. Both the Absolut Juice Strawberry and Absolut Juice Apple flavors have 99 calories or less per serving* and are free of artificial flavors. We’re using Absolut Juice Strawberry in this spritz, but you could easily swap in Absolut Juice Apple if you prefer. Real strawberries give this liquor an irresistibly fruity flavor, while sparkling wine and soda water add an effervescence that’s oh-so-refreshing on a hot day. Best of all, this summery cocktail takes just a minute to prepare. We’ll drink to that!

Head to Absolut’s website for even more refreshing drink recipes and to find out where to buy Absolut Juice.

*Per 1.5 fl. oz. serving. Average Analysis: Calories 99K; Carbohydrates 3.5G; Protein and Fat 0G.

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