This Asian Dessert Is Going Viral on TikTok & You Only Need 3 Ingredients to Make It

This Asian Dessert Is Going Viral on TikTok & You Only Need 3 Ingredients to Make It


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We love Filipino food, from chicken adobo to pancit bihon, and from lumpia to Bicol express. But the thing that really captures our hearts — and our taste buds — when it comes to Filipino food
is dessert. Ube, pandan, coconut, and avocado often star in our favorite desserts, and many of them are cold and creamy, the perfect antidote to hot summer days. So when we saw this 3-ingredient avocado dessert going viral on TikTok, it quickly became the latest entry in our obsession with Filipino food.

In the video, the creator cuts an avocado in half, then peels it. “Love yourself, eat whatever you want, and peel your avocados,” she says. Then, she adds her cut up avocado on top of a bowl of ice, and drizzles everything with a can of plant-based sweetened condensed milk
. “This is delicious,” she says, slurping the mixture from her bowl.

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It’s not the first time we’ve seen avocado for dessert — avocado, ice cream, and soy sauce, anyone? — but it sounds like the most delicious. There are a few different versions of the dessert that we found online, and people in the comments section of the TikTok video shared their feedback as well.

“I eat it with crushed ice, milk/condensed milk and sugar and I remember drinking it when I was little lol,” shared one TikTok user. “Okay but imagine this with Sonic ice,” said another, while another encouraged, “have it with milk powder as well!”

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In the recipes that we found online, some call for regular milk and sugar, some call for powdered milk, and still others call for sweetened condensed milk. We also noticed that most recipes online called for crushed ice, rather than cubed. We learned that it’s also apparently a popular dessert in Vietnam. But however you make it, this cold, creamy, and sweet avocado dessert is just the thing to treat yourself to when the heat outside starts to feel unbearable.

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