There's Cheese-Stuffed Gnocchi at Costco, and We're Legit Drooling

There's Cheese-Stuffed Gnocchi at Costco, and We're Legit Drooling


One of the joys of Costco — other than being able to buy ridiculously oversize amounts of pretty much anything you can imagine — is its surprisingly wide array of food options. From the classic staples that stock the freezer section to rotating seasonal selections (all of which get sampled along the aisles), it’s hard to come out of a Costco warehouse without at least one tasty new treat. Our current obsession: its cheese-stuffed gnocchi.

That’s right: it’s rich, satisfying potato gnocchi filled with three creamy, gooey cheeses (mozzarella, Emmental, and Comté). Costco carries the Olivieri brand of Skillet Cheese Gnocchi, which are easy to cook right on the stovetop. They come in a 26-ounce bag, which is sold for $7 and packs plenty of servings of the yummy gnocchi into an affordable bag.

The only catch? Like many products carried at Costco, availability varies based on location, so your local warehouse may or may not have them in stock. For a similar option, you might look for plain potato gnocchi and add a creamy sauce of your choice, or, alternatively, pick up a package of cheese-filled pastas such as tortellini or ravioli to satisfy your craving for packets of ooey-gooey cheese filling. Costco is always stacked to the rafters with options, so you’re sure to find something just right!

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