‘The most tender meat!’ Best way to cut BBQ meat to ‘lock in the juices’

‘The most tender meat!’ Best way to cut BBQ meat to ‘lock in the juices’


James Martin makes a tomato salad and salsa for BBQ beef

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Dominating the BBQ this Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend? Ross Bearman, Great Taste Judge and Founder of BBQ Gifting company, Ross & Ross Gifts has shared his tips to achieve the most tender meat, which will certainly impress family and friends. 

Whatever meats you’re throwing on the barbie, there’s a certain way you should cut it to ensure maximum flavour. 

When cutting large pieces of meat, first, find out where the grain changes. 

This is where you want to make your first cut. 

Take both pieces of meat, and then slice them into smaller pieces, against the grain, “now you will have the most tender meat” a TikTok video by @recipegalore said. 

Ross explained: “By cutting against the grain, we want to cut through the fibres and shorten them as opposed to cutting in the same direction as they run.

“This makes it easier to chew and the breaking up of the muscle fibres has already been done for you. 

“Not to mention, this technique locks in the juices too!”

For anyone wanting to cook chicken tenders or chicken thighs, there’s an easy way to ensure they are barbequed to perfection without sticking to the grill, or worse, falling through. 

Using metal skewers suitable for the BBQ, take a strip of chicken and slide it onto the skewer by piercing the top. 

Do this to five to six strips of chicken so they all are skewered at the top and hang down. 

Ross commented: “This is a great idea if you’re looking to grill for the masses.

“It will also ensure the majority of your chicken is cooked fairly evenly too. 

“Just be very careful with those hot, stainless steel skewers and use oven gloves when getting them off the grill.”

For anyone using wooden skewers, they will need to be soaked before use. 

“Soaking your wooden skewers in water before popping them on the grill will stop them from burning due to the moisture content,” Ross said. 

“The more water that gets into the skewers, the less likely they are to burn on your grill so be sure to soak them right before you start grilling.”

If burgers are more your thing, there’s an easy way to stop them from drying out. 

Before placing the raw patties onto the BBQ, take the back of a spoon a press it down into the middle of the patty to make a small well. 

Transfer the patties to the BBQ and add a small knob of butter into the well. 

Flip the burger once the butter has melted. 

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