The Best 12 Store-Bought Protein-Packed Snacks for a Pick-Me-Up on the Go

The Best 12 Store-Bought Protein-Packed Snacks for a Pick-Me-Up on the Go


We all know protein is important for our health. It’s important for everything from oxygenating blood to healing. Heck, people plan entire meals around getting enough protein. But many forget how important it can be between meals.

Carbs are definitely a quick source of energy. But protein takes longer to break down than carbohydrates, meaning protein provides a longer-lasting source of energy. In fact, a lack of protein can leave you fatigued.

That’s why we like to keep a stash of protein-rich store-bought snacks on hand at home and at work as a quick way to keep our reserves up during the day. But fast protein-rich snacks don’t have to be spoonful-of-peanut-butter boring.

From organic eggs dunked in an unusually flavorful crunchy dip to protein-rich versions of your favorite saliferous snackables to the chip aisle staple you didn’t know was a protein powerhouse, these are the best store-bought protein-packed snacks.


With 11 to 14 grams of protein per serving, these organic, free-range hard-boiled eggs packaged with crispy dips in flavors like rancheros, everything spice and fried rice will have you wondering why no one ever thought of that before. Get $15 off a monthly subscription with the coupon code “15PECKS” or try them at a store near you.

Hardboiled egg snacks with crispy dip, $55 per month at Peckish 


Disclosure: I was sent free samples of this product to try, but that didn’t influence its placement on this list. They really are just very good. The Rancheros is my favorite. They legit taste like juevos rancheros.

Cheddies Cheese Crackers

Protein-packed Cheddies crackers come in four flavors: classic cheddar, white cheddar, garlic-Parmesan and barbecue. And they’ll satisfy your salty snack craving with a whopping 10 grams of protein per serving. Take that, adorable animal-shaped cheese crackers.

Cheddies variety pack (four-count), $15.29 at Amazon

Frooze Balls

These bite-size plant-based spheres of flavor pack a whopping gram of protein per ball. With flavors like fudge, peanut butter, lemon cheesecake, cranberry, salted maple and dark forest, there’s something for everyone in the family — if you decide to share.

Fooze Balls, $14.99 (variety pack of six) at Amazon

Good Culture Cottage Cheese

With fruit on the bottom and 17 grams of protein per serving, Good Culture’s cottage cheese is putting its best foot forward. 

Good Culture strawberry-chia cottage cheese, $1.99 at Amazon 

Kalahari Biltong Meat Snacks

Oh, jerky. How we loved thee. But this African-inspired beef snack has three times as much protein at 32 grams per serving, and it’s peri-peri-flavored. We’d like to say, “It’s not you; it’s us,” but… [it’s totally you.]

Kalahari Biltong thin-sliced dried beef snacks, $8.10 at Amazon

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie

If you thought up to 16 grams of protein per cookie was good, wait until you find out these sweet vegan snacks come in 15 different flavors. 

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie, $4.99 at Amazon

Brami Lupini Beans

Lupini beans are the new edamame. This ancient Roman snack provides 7 grams of plant protein per serving and comes in multiple fab flavors — including salt and vinegar, chili-lime and garlic-rosemary — perfect for popping by the handful or sprinkling atop a salad.

Brami lupini beans, $19.99 (variety pack of four) at Amazon

Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight aren’t just for breakfast. Start them in the morning for an afternoon snack to get you through to dinner or sprinkle them into a yogurt parfait. This flavored whey-fortified cereal has a whopping 24 grams of protein per serving. 

Oats Overnight in Mocha Dream starter pack, $15 at Amazon

One Bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A protein bar was bound to make the list, but we opted for this one solely because it tastes like real chocolate chip cookie dough. All the decadence with 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of guilt, er, sugar.

One Bar in chocolate chip cookie dough, $24.99 (pack of 12) at One

Pork Skins

Chicharrones, aka pork skins, are the unsung heroes of the chip aisle. With 9 grams of protein per serving, these light and airy munchies are experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Probably thanks to their wide availability — they’ve literally been sitting right next to your Doritos for years — and the fact that some genius realized they’re hella good when they’re flavored with something other than classic hot-and-spicy mix.

4505 Chicharrones, $17.29 (variety pack of three) at Amazon

Quest Protein Tortilla-Style Chips

If you’re a protein-loading pro, you’re familiar with Quest bars. But Quest’s protein commitment is all that and a bag of chips — as literally as that’s an outdated reference. This salty snack will only set you back 4 grams of carbs while providing 18 grams of protein per serving. 

Quest tortilla chips, $16.99 (pack of eight) at Amazon 

Sargento Balanced Breaks

The real cheese people know protein too. The best part of Balanced Breaks is the combo of flavors and textures. But the up-to-8 grams of protein per serving in a less-than-200-calorie snack doesn’t suck either.

Sargento Balanced Breaks in Colby-Jack, peanut and cranberry, $3.28 (pack of three) at Amazon

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