Start Your Morning Right With 'Pokémon' Berry Bolt Cereal

Start Your Morning Right With 'Pokémon' Berry Bolt Cereal


For those that miss the limited-edition Pokémon released by Kellog’s back in 2000, the popular franchise has now teamed up with General Mills on a new breakfast staple.

Helping mark its 25th-anniversary next year, Pokémon recently released the Berry Bolt Cereal centered around Ash’s faithful sidekick Pikachu. The new cereal blend features blue berry-flavored corn puffs accompanied by yellow marshmallows that come in the shape of Pikachu’s head and tail. Continuing the focus on Pikachu, the titular Pokémon makes a grand appearance on the front of the bright red box.

General Mills Pokémon Berry Bolt Cereal is available now at grocery retailers nationwide.

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